The HGTV star is once again lending her Midas touch to the online maker network.

JillianHarris’s website and Instagram feed may be coated in a palette of crisp whiteand pinks, but glittering gold would be just as on brand. After all, the Kelowna-basedinterior designer and HGTV star, who shot to fame as the first Canadian Bachelorette in 2009, seems to have theMidas touch: whatever she touches turns to gold—or sells like hotcakes, anyway.

There was her collab with Vancouver-based jewellery designer Melanie Auld, and then a two-time partnership with another local name, Saje. And now, the second coming of a collab with Etsy Canada that sees Harris partnering with nine makers across Canada to design a line of home-decor and fashion goods that are true to her signature “fresh, airy and timeless” aesthetic.

Available online through September 30, the collection includes adorable fringe pillows by Kelowna’s Cloth and Main; a reusable straw-and-travel-case set from Winnipeg-based Brook Drabot Glass; and a tropical-scented candle and millennial-pink “summer rosé” planter by Vancouver’s Brand and Iron and Hudson and Oak, respectively. The line is a follow-up to a holiday collection that Harris created with Etsy, which—no surprise—also proved to be très popular among the interior designer’s almost one million Insta followers and beyond.

Ahead, we chat with Harris to learn more about her latest JH x Etsy collab, the power of pink and her perfect summer day.

There’s a colour that runs through your Etsy summer collectionthat is immediately noticeable: pink. Specifically, a soft, cotton-candy babypink. Why did you choose this colour for so many pieces in the collection?

If you pop over to my website, you’ll notice I have a soft blush colour throughout. So it not only represents the overall look and aesthetic of my brand, but it just reminds me of warm summer days!

What was your goal with the collection? What kind of look or feeldid you want to create?

Aboveall, I wanted everything to be timeless so the pieces could be used foryears to come. I also wanted to have fun with it, which is why weincorporated the blush colour into pretty much every piece while also makingsure to add some fun pops of colours and prints here and there.

Where did you draw inspiration from for the collection?

Fromeverywhere, but mainly, I really took the time to think of things I love themost and use the most when summertime rolls around, like platters, candles,outdoor pillows… and then we put a “Jilly” spin on them!

How did you decide what makers to work with?

Etsy does an amazing job of vetting the companies based on a number of guidelines, and I choose the brands that I feel would align the best with my taste and aesthetic. Of course, many of these brands had already made me fall in love with their beautiful pieces.

How did you decide what items to craft? Were there any items thatwere “must-makes” for you when creating the collection?

Myfamily entertains a lot in the summertime, so I knew for sure I wanted itemsthat would help create a fun, warm and inviting space for everyone.

Are you skilled in any maker activities, like pottery or textile-making? If so, what have you picked up? If not, is there a skill you’d like to pick up?

I wish I could do everything these talented Etsy makers do, but I’ll leave it to the pros!

Describe your ideal summer day.

Arelaxing day at home with the kids, dogs and Justin, either havingfun in the pool or getting our hands dirty in the garden.

What’s your favourite piece from the Etsy collection? (Yes, you have to pick one!)

I love the pasta bowl by Looks Like White. Not only is it beautiful but it’s also an heirloom piece. In fact, I bought three of them: one to keep at home, and two to one day pass down to my children, Leo and Annie.