Not to call out other intimate apparel stores, but there’s something about gaudy spiral staircases and parades of sculpted “angels” projected from wall-to-wall TV screens that makes buying underwear discouraging. Some of us might self-identify as angels, which is cool. But there’s no denying the intimidation factor of a store with words like “Bombshell” on the changeroom doors, especially when you feel like more of a clamshell.

It’s not surprising that Knix, the intimate apparel store known for their leak-proof underwear, has decidedly different vibes. The store opened on West 4th one week before the grand opening of the Toronto store, making our location the first in the world. The millennial pink brick-and-mortar has a beautiful (but nondescript) mural by Leia Bryans, curvy mannequins, and a definitive lack of angel wings. Sure, the apparel could be for made for lying on a canopy bed, sheets strewn about, running a manicured hand through your perfectly tousled hair. But it’s also made for having periods. And sweating. And breastfeeding. And peeing a little.

Knix launched in 2013, and quickly gained popularity for its supreme realness. Their models look like actual people, and their acknowledgement of of actual people problems like breastfeeding, undie lines and boob sweat is awesome. Even their sizing is a nod to diversity: top sizes range from S to XXL, with a “plus” option for each. Small plus, for example, is the same size as a small save for the bust area.

Even with the various sizing options, it’s still a pain to buy intimates online€”and now, Vancouverites don’t have to (suck it, rest of the world!). I tried the Evolution Tank, a seamless top that’s making me feel pretty damn good, if I do say so myself. It is probably one of the most wearable tops in my wardrobe right now, transitioning seamlessly (ha!) from day to night€”useful, when most of the day is night.

Knix Vancouver
2076 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver