After enduring a gruelling renovation last year, it is a cold hard fact that everything in my kitchen is exactly the way I want it. The graphic concrete backsplash tiles, like a modernist Rorsacch test. The cabinetry, a gorgeous green hue that makes you say “wow” and also “I do not think this will have resale value.” Cabinetry handles I waited three months for and caress every single day; a marbled Caesarstone counter that is perfect for forcing friends to do prep work during dinner parties where they foolishly thought they could just show up and not cut an onion.

What I’m trying to say is: it’s pretty competitive in my kitchen. Everything has the potential to be my favourite thing. But shockingly, one of the top contenders is this $27 drying rack I got off Amazon.

I know; we’re all reeling.

roll up dish rack is displayed in use atop a sink with dishes drying on it

The Kraus Multipurpose Sink Roll-Up dish drying rack is made of silicone-coated stainless steel, and rolls right overtop of my undercount sink to create a draining surface for my pots and the endless parade of baby paraphernalia I’m hand-washing right now. For someone with minimal counter space, or someone looking for a drying rack that isn’t a bulky plastic eyesore, I invite you to join me in this brave new roll-up-rack world.

It comes in a bunch of different colours—I went with lemon yellow because I’m ~*fun*~—which means I even like to leave it out when it’s not hard at work helping my Dutch oven drip-dry. I can roll it up half out of the way if I’ve got a small batch of wine glasses to dry, or easily toss it in a drawer if company is coming over and I am pretending I am not living a life of perpetual scrubbage.

Plus, in a pinch, it can also act as an extension of the kitchen countertop (hey dish rack, hold my beer!), and a heat-proof one at that. I’m not going to bother fact-checking this, but I have a feeling it’s the world’s largest trivet.

I don’t get anything out of this endorsement, to be clear: I’m an Kraus evangelist without an agenda. My true wish is that none of you ever have to do dishes again, but failing that miracle, this beautiful, functional, minimalist mat is the next best thing.

yellow roll up dish rack