I have a confession to make: I was today years old when I first showed an interest in homewares.

Unlike my fellow editors, I had little interest in dotting my home with the cutest furniture, or the newest, coolest culinary tools. My checklist for buying these items basically came down to €œdoes it do what It's supposed to do for a decent price?€

But that all changed today.

Using popular culture to promote your product can be a tricky endeavour. Usually, companies end up doing some half-assed thing that doesn't really make a lot of sense (I'm thinking of every alternate version of Scrabble that's ever existed). And sometimes, it turns out to be a complete disaster.

So leave it to Le Creuset to step up to the stage, reel off 12 verses of absolute fire and drop the mic with its Star Wars (!!!) collaboration.

I'm honestly not sure what's more impressive: the fact that these items have clearly been crafted with real care to pay homage to the original material in a way that makes sense, or the way the press release delves headfirst into nerd territory.

Take the Darth Vader Round French Oven ($500), for instance.

€œThe lid's interior captures our galactic collaboration€”with €œFrance€ cast into the enamelled iron and translated into Aurebesh, the most recognizable written language in the Star Wars galaxy,€ says the release in one of the more jaw-dropping sentences I€™ve ever read.

It also notes that the Vader oven is €œperfect for those who prefer to roast and braise on the €˜dark side.€™€ I'm very excited to use this and find out exactly what braising is.

Then there'sthe Han Solo Carbonite Roaster ($500), the first Le Creuset roaster to feature a lid, apparently.

And what a lid it is. It's the perfect incorporation of Star Wars culture, and brought me right back to being 11 years old and very scared of whatever Jabba the Hut was supposed to be. Do young kids watching Star Wars now think Jabba is a nod to the current U.S. president? Maybe It's a little too on the nose.

Of course, no kitchen set would be complete without whatever mini-croquettes are. I'm not exactly sure what they are supposed to do, but I do know I absolutely need this set of droid mini croquettes ($100 for the trio).

It's a good thing all three are only $100, because how do you choose between them? there'sR2-D2 and C-3PO, of course, but wow, this set is just full of surprises. BB-8, Le Creuset? You whipped out the new films as well? Wow. Just wow.

Rounding out the set are two trivets ($20) that pay homage to the Death Star and the Millennium Falcon, respectively.

We have a perfectly good trivet at home that, unfortunately, has just been lost somewhere and definitely wasn€™t purposely thrown in the trash. Guess we need a new one! Well, two.

All these items are currently available via pre-order, and officially go on sale on November 1.

From the release:

€œDon’t wait to get this special edition cookware; once these are gone, not even the Force will be able to produce more.€ 

The commitment to the bit is something we can all strive for on a daily basis, I think.

Just don’t forget to use the forks, Luke.