The French kitchenware company has teamed up with the once Canadian Hudson’s Bay for its latest release.

I know I just wrote about Le Creuset, but when this announcement landed in my inbox, I had to risk Le Creuset overkill to let you, dear reader, know that the French cookware company has released yet another line of kitchen goods we’ll be coveting for the next few months.

This one? A limited-edition collab with the Hudson’s Bay Company that features the once Canadian brand’s multi-colour stripes. (How does Le Creuset keep so successfully pandering to our wants and needs?? We’ll never know.)

Now available at the Bay and online, the collection includes Le Creuset’s iconic Round French Oven, a rectangular casserole dish, a French press and a teapot. Each one is enameled in shiny white and adorned with HBC’s recognizable green, red, yellow and blue stripe sequence, which made its debut on point blankets produced by HBC at the height of the fur trade in 1780 and has since gone on to decorate everything from notebooks and bags to umbrellas and TSA locks.

LC’s—I’m abbreviating it like HBC, though it’s not to be confused with the original LC, The Hills alumnus Lauren Conrad—Round French Oven even features a stainless steel knob that’s etched with a number between 1 and 1,670, the year (if you remove the comma) that HBC was established. Presumably, only 1,670 of these pots will be sold. (Hence the limited edition!) So if you haven’t already spent all your coins on LC’s (is this catching on yet?) Minimalist collection, I wouldn’t recommend dillydallying on this one, friends!

From left, HBC x Le Creuset Grand Teapot ($65), French Press ($85), Round French Oven ($500), and Casserole Dish ($150).