Lose the liners (and save your muffins!) with a two-in-one pan.

While I’ll admit I may sometimes be too easily wooed by the latest and greatest kitchen gadget (it’s a quality I inherited that from my dad: he couldn’t pass through a Canadian Tire without coming home with some new ratchet), I’m kind of in love with my new muffin tin. What’s to love about a muffin tin, you ask? It’s all in Trudeau’s new Structure line: essentially, it’s a silicone liner paired with an integrated steel support system. Essentially, it means a non-stick pan that won’t flake, without storing a second floppy liner around. Plus, you know, fuchsia: it’s win-win-win.Trudeau Structure panStructure muffin pan by Trudeau, $30, available at kitchen supply stores across the West, including Call the Kettle Black, callthekettleblack.com; and the Bay, thebay.com.