For the fan of the handmade (when you’ve run out of time to make it yourself).

I’m coming close to that point in the season when my one-woman-knitting-machine is starting to cease up, and my hands are in need of a break. (And I’m in need of a few gifts made by someone other than me). To wit, I’ve just spotted these gorgeous porcelain bowls from the Brooklyn design team Souda at one of my favourite local stores, Provide. (Souda, prounced “soh-duh,” is a Japanese word that roughly translates to “Oh, yeah!”.) The Kawa series are cast in leather moulds rather than traditional plaster, meaning that each piece is perfectly one of a kind, and textured by the leather moulds themselves—perfect for a one-of-a-kind Christmas gift.Kawa series by Souda, from $65 (metallics $136), providehome.com63_Kawa-Small-Dish-Group-2-by-Souda