Yes, Christmas is nine days away, so yes, it might be a little late to get your hands on some of these goods in time for the big day€”but what about those cousins that you won’t see till the new year? Or your niece’s annoyingly early birthday that always sneaks up on you? And what about that impersonal but awesome envelope of cash you got? Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, check out what these local ladies have in store (and online)€” this gift guide is true north, strong and female.

Gus Sloan’s Original Little Black Jumpsuit

Office outfit, holiday party, impromptu gymnastics performance€”is there any problem a little black jumpsuit can’t solve? (Okay, maybe going to the bathroom is a bit of a production, but we’d argue it’s worth it.) Designed and made-to-order by Edmontonian Lauren Dary, these jumpsuits are a great example of something that you probably won’t get in time for Christmas but should definitely order anyway. Time is a human construct, don’t let it control you.

Blume’s Beetroot Blend

Vancouver-based Blume, founded by Karen Danudjaja and Ella Dalling, has a beetroot blend to feed your tummy and your ‘gram. The pretty pink drink is vegan, caffeine free, organic, and sugar free (though a dash of sugar doesn’t hurt, if you ask us). Unlike other drink blends, a little bit of Blume goes a long way€”you only need a teaspoon of the pinkish powder to make a cup of tea. It’s also available at lots of stores in Vancouver, so you can snag it in time for Christmas; check out their stockists here.

Flax Sleep’s The Quilt

Flax Sleep is straight outta Vancouver with cozy comforts built to last. The Quilt is made from made from 100% French stonewashed linen and is reversible€”that’s like two quilts in one, baby. Founders Anna Heyd, Oana Papuc and Vivian McCormick set out to make simple bedding at accessible prices in 2017, and have been giving Canadians stylish sleeps ever since. You can sleep even better knowing that a portion of their proceeds goes to the Atira Women’s Resource Society, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting women and children affected by violence. Order this by tomorrow to get it before Christmas.

Nettle’s Tale’s Mayne Blouse

On top of being effortlessly trendy, every piece from Nettle’s Tale (founded by Vancouverite Julia Church) is inspired by a real woman in the Pacific Northwest. Their sizing guides are all different depending on the item, so bodies of all shapes and sizes can find a good fit. We like the Mayne blouse for its basic design and six colour options€”no one’s saying you can’t buy them all. Check them out online or in their Vancouver store.

Midnight Paloma’s Detox Mask

Founded by Tayler Mariles, Midnight Paloma is a Vancouver-based brand that was first inspired by charcoal. Since developing her detox mask, Tayler has expanded her products to include face oils, balms and a gua sha (a rose quartz tool that makes you feel like a queen) €” but the mask is still one of her faves. This mask comes in a powder that you can mix with water, yogurt or honey depending on your skin type. So yes, you can feel like a chemist and a queen.

The Evalina Beauty Collection

Full disclosure: Evalina Beauty is our publisher’s passion project. But we wouldn’t be adding the makeup collection to our list here unless we were really legitimately wishing to find the shimmery BB tinted moisturizer and stays-for-days liquid eyeliner in our stockings this year.