When we heard that Kinfolk founder Nathan Williams had joined Indigo as its new Chief Creative Officer in January, our ears perked up. Say what you will about the unapologetically twee lifestyle magazine that essentially inspired a generation’s Instagram aesthetic, but the guy has a vision

And with today’s launch of Indigo’s new home line, Oui, it’s clear that his passion for living beautifully hasn’t faded. “It’s a design approach rooted in layering,” explains VP of design Athena Preston. The homewares€”rough-hewn ceramics, embroidered pillows, hand-painted vases€”come in a palette of natural materials and hues inspired by nature, and embrace texture and materiality. 

Here are a few of our favourite pieces from the collection.

Abstract pillow cover, $34.50

On one side, it’s a delicately embroidered pattern; on the other, beautiful linen. 

Rectangular storage baskets, $44.25

We’re loving the terracotta colour of the wire storage baskets here€”an oh-so ’70s hue that makes a simple storage tool into a statement piece.

Hand-painted Face vase, $45

Pretend you got this one from a local artist on your last trip to Greece. We won’t tell.

Ridged ceramic serving bowl, $29.50

The exterior of this bowl is so pretty€”ribbed texture and speckled ivory finish€”it’ll make whatever you serve up inside look twice as nice. 

Amber highball glass, set of four, $39.50

It’s like drinking from a glass of liquid sunshine when you’re sipping from these vintage-inspired tumblers.

See the full Oui collection here.