Spring napping requires specific conditions be met.

After a long weekend filled with daily naps—oh how I miss daily naps during the work week!—I’m looking to switch up my go-to napping blanket, currently a cozy faux-fur throw that gets me through the winter months. Because hey, the sun rose before 7 a.m. this morning, which means warmer weather isn’t far behind. And for perfect napping conditions, I’ve always had a thing about a) napping in front of the TV (I credit after-school specials. So soothing.). And b) needing a throw, no matter how warm the weather gets.Unrelated to said perfect naps (but appropriate enough for this story), I’m also a little obsessive about Danish design, ever since I spent an afternoon wandering through Illums Bollighus in Copenhagen (a Skagen Denmark watch is my latest acquisition). Hay is one of those Danish brands that creates simple, beautiful designs, like this Mega Knit blanket. Light and woven from thin-spun wool, it’s perfect for spring; its pretty pink palette in a magnified Norwegian-inspired pattern (Marius Genser is commonly used in Norwegian sweaters) comes in my favourite colour combo: pink and orange. So I can add a third item to perfect napping conditions: under a Hay blanket.Hay Mega Knit blanket ($395), available at Vancouver Special in Vancouver, and Kit in Calgary.

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