The classic Malm gets a storage update.

Malm Storage bedI’ve been scouting homes for Western Living for nearly a decade, and if there’s one bed that’s most spotted in modern spaces, it’s Ikea’s Malm frame. Its simple but strong design make it the right setting for just about any kind of bedding, from white-on-white to more elaborate combinations. (Full disclosure: I own one as well.) I was in Toronto recently to celebrate the launch of the new Ikea catalogue, and my favourite pick of the book sits squarely on Malm’s shoulders: or underneath it, really. The Malm pull-up storage bed keeps the classic frame, and adds deep storage underneath the lift-up frame: perfect for off-season clothing, or in my case, a complete collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer comic books (they’ll be valuable some day, right?)Malm pull-up storage bed, $339,