Yes, the Instagram ads for the Always Pan spoke to me. So pretty, that pink pan that said it could do it all. Eight pieces of cookware in one! So non-stick! And so pink!

It was the pink that spoke to me first. I'm less in need of a pan that I can do everything with€”I still dream of hosting big dinner parties when all this is over, and those require every pan in the cupboard€”but I do love pretty things. And I’m also interested in one really great, really functional pan.

And as I€™ve discovered in the last couple of months, I€™ve been truly coveting a pan that makes excellent eggs. And boy does the Always Pan deliver like a hot damn. 

Everything that the Always Pan comes with: the pan, the sealing lid, the steamer and the beechwood spatula.

The Always Pan Makes Perfect Eggs

But perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself here. First, I'm kind of an egg-making queen. When I visit my sister's family in Calgary, her kids request €œAunticka eggs€: low-and-slow scrambled eggs that are creamy and cheesy tasting, without the cheese. (My sister, on the other hand, likes eggs you could run through a cheese grater. When she's at a restaurant, she'll tell the server, €œTell the chef he should be embarrassed to serve them to me. I want them beyond overdone.€)

When I head to the cabin with friends in the summer, I'm the poached-egg master. (don't even think about adding vinegar to the water, heathen.)

And omelettes? I'm French style all the way. Soft, paler than pale, a little runny inside. Heaven.

So yes, I think a lot about making the perfect egg. And I didn€™t have a perfect vessel until this pink dream. The Always Pan is magic at distributing low and slow heat. And whatever witchcraft they€™ve used to create the non-stick surface, it'll slide the Frenchest of French omelettes straight off the pan and on to your plate. I'm telling you, egg-queen Anicka has been doing very excited laps around her kitchen. The only tragedy is that in these socially distant times, I'm the only one high-fiving myself about these victories.

It Can Act as a Saucepan and Steamer Too

So yes, It's perfection for eggs. But I€™ve also used it to: warm soup (that little pour spout is pretty successful in delivering it to a waiting bowl); make a curry (decent at browning chicken in said curry, though I was careful not to deliver too high a heat and ruin the non-stick surface); boil fresh pasta, with the steamer in place to pull the pasta out (mindblowing!); and steam broccoli. On the latter, the steamer basket is a little low clearance€”I needed to keep an eye on it to make sure the water wasn€™t hitting the veggies, but steaming isn€™t for a long time anyway, so It's functional.

The Cons

The one con? I'm not a huge fan of the beechwood spatula. Its greatest feature is that it clicks into the handle for a built-in spoon rest€”and that's definitely a nice trick€”but It's flimsy, and oddly a little challenging to clean. Apparently, eggs really love to stick to beechwood. Also, the pan isn’t meant for the oven, so I won’t be making company eggs in it any time soon. (Nor do I have company, soooooo…. we’re okay. We’re okay.)

The Verdict

So yes, I’ve been using the Always Pan. Every. Single. Day. Do I sound obsessed? It’s because I am.

Always Pan, $195,