You’ll want to get your hands on these new and noteworthy items from across the West.

Family Drama

The Party ceramic wall sconces (from $824 each), designed by Kranen/Gille, take Moooi’s signature quirk to a whole new level. Each animated lamp is a family member with a colourful life story: Glenn is the good son “searching for clarity through ideology and order,” Coco is the self-made matriarch, and the Mayor is the pompous, secret father of twins Glenn and Ted.

Power Play

With its externally positioned light-bronze feet and outer leather shell, the Tape 2 sofa (from $10,060) from Minotti is furniture deconstructed—and yet the experiment is nothing but iconic.

Black Pearl

Ferm Living’s Orb watering can ($119) brings a punchy dose of bold geometry to indoor gardens.

Green with Envy

Ikea’s blocky and asymmetrical staircase rug (officially dubbed the Kongstrup, $90) is a note-perfect graphic accent in green on blue.

Peanut Gallery

Prepare to see domed iterations of the vintage-inspired Tosca bookcase ($899) everywhere. What’s more, the glass shelves, mirror panels and concealed LED lighting take a museum-level approach to showcasing fine possessions.

Soft Smoke

In smoky brown tempered glass, the Verre square coffee table ($599) isn’t going to block your living room’s visual flow—plus the cross base adds a nice geometric contrast to soft sofas.

Touch Points

The angular steel rods on Kazuhiro Yamanaka’s Pallucco Graffiti lamp ($6,500) are adjustable, so you can draw your own design-forward “graffiti,” creating a one-of-a-kind wall sculpture.

Out of the Woods

Vancouver-based leatherworkers Brand and Iron enter the candle game with a line of delicate West Coast-inspired fragrances; look out for mixes of oak and moss, spruce and amber or rose and citrus in their simply branded votives (from $30).

Powder Puff

A literal twist on convention, the Parrot ottoman (price on request) is an ice-cream-smooth modern seat that would make a statement in any home.

Dusk to Dawn

World-renowned Italian ceramicist Rina Menardi makes her moody, nature-inspired stoneware, like this Oblo black vase ($720), entirely by hand.

No Place Like Home

After all that ruthless Marie Kondo purging, New Minimalism: Decluttering and Design for Sustainable, Intentional Living ($16.50) is the book to help you rebuild your minimalist home in a way that’s tidy, but not stripped of all comfort and personality. amazon.caS