These gadgets help turn your home into a beautiful, functional space where convenience comes at the touch of a button.

You’ve probably heard the word “smart” being thrown around lately when it comes to tech, beyond just your smartphone. Almost every appliance in the home is getting a lot smarter with built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.From unlocking a range of online services, like social networking and downloadable content, to providing peace of mind through remote security features, smart home technology is the next step towards leading simpler lives. By syncing your home tech to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, you can do anything from locking your doors to PVR-ing your favourite show—from anywhere in the world.Whether you’re an urban techie in the downtown core or modernizing a five-bedroom home, technology has the capacity to make life a lot easier. We’ve compiled a list of the latest tech-sessories that can make your home life safer, cooler and smarter.EntrancewayStart with the basics by setting up a comfortable, safe home. With Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats, you can battle the winter blues and save on your heating bills by setting your heat to your schedule—meaning you return to a toasty home without wasting electricity when you’re away.Buffer your home security system with smart locks, smoke detectors, facial recognition systems and wireless security cameras. Forgot to lock the door? Secure your home on the go from your phone. Out of town on business, or just away from the kids while at work? You can easily check in with facial recognition tech to know when they’ve made it home safely.Living RoomStream your favourite music using your tablet or phone (meaning one less remote in the pile!) to your home audio system. And speaking of remotes, why not banish them to the cupboard indefinitely by upgrading to a smart remote system? This tech toy allows you to manage everything from your smart TV, to your PVR, to your ceiling fan from one simple hub.BathroomMany tablets now double-up as e-readers, and with a variety of tablets on the market for as low as $50, consider a bargain model for your new bathroom reader. With Wi-Fi connections enabling easy e-book downloads, online gaming and media streaming, why not tech-sessorize your bathroom too?If you’re already monitoring your heath using a fitness tracker or heart-rate monitor, up your game with a Wi-Fi body scale. Track your weight and body fat percentage, and use integrated apps to better understand your progress and goals.BedroomPersonalize your bedroom lighting scheme with connected lighting systems that know your schedule. They’ll understand when it’s time to gently dim, preparing your body for sleep, and when it’s time to slowly brighten, alerting you that it’s time to wake up. If you’re looking to completely optimize your sleeping habits, try a wireless sleep sensor that will help you understand your schedule.For non-morning-people who need a bigger jolt, smart alarms help get you into the morning rhythm through buzzing vibrations, coloured lights, and sounds. Better yet, sync your Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker to wake you up to the smell of a fresh pot.KitchenSmarter coffee isn’t all. While you may not give up your regular oven quite yet, technology is advancing with smarter ovens that use wireless technology to advise on how to best prepare your food. With built-in thermometers, there’s no more guesswork when figuring out if dinner’s ready.Home Office                                                        Working from home has never been easier. Beyond your new smart coffee maker, you’ll find total harmony moving from office to home office with cloud-based file storages. With symmetrical upload and download speeds, it’s easy to upload what you need in the office, and download it to your home computer when and where you need it.When you’ve upgraded your home accessories to be this smart, you’ll experience a more secure, seamless home—and the TELUS PureFibre™ network is there to support you in your endeavours. TELUS PureFibre offers lightning-fast internet speeds with completely symmetrical 150 Mbps download and upload speeds. This means faster and more consistent video streaming, smoother online gaming experiences, easier integration with your cloud-based file storage and the benefit of clear, consistent home security video footage to monitor your property and loved ones.