It's long been proven that hospital patients whose windows look at nature recover faster than those with views of urban settings. The same is true of florals. Studies show that just looking at passive images of flowers can keep negative emotions at bay and even decrease blood pressure and cortisol levels. It's little surprise, then, that flowered wallpaper has hit our walls hard during a world pandemic. 
Whether classic or modern, floral wallpaper never goes out of style either. So, in the interest of long-term mental health, here are five of favourite gorgeos floral wallpaper designs to keep negative emotions at bay.

Bold, Blue and Beautiful

“I was wanting to create a classic feel that was fresh and inviting,” says Maria Nordlund of Maria Nordlund Design. “The paper€”Magnolia Home Vol. 2 Tea Rose Blue€”is a traditional rose floral that is counterbalanced with the crispness of a blue and white colour combination.”

Green and Gorgeous and Vintage-Inspired

€œWe wanted something really colourful and bold, we narrowed it down and decided on this one€”Artemis Moss Green by House of Hackney€”because it went well with a few of the vintage rugs we had sourced for the project,€ says Jamie Hamilton of Oliver Simon Design.

Pretty in Pink Petals

“The client wanted a large-format floral in a mural application that would be applicable for a wet/ bathroom area,” explains Aleem Kassam of Kalu Interiors of the vinyl dark blossom pattern from Etsy. “Aesthetically, she wanted something quite feminine, elegant but also bold and dramatic as this bathroom is also the powder room for guests.” The elegant swooping white free-standing tub in front accented with brass details/ fixtures offers contrast to the design, which recalls moody Old World paintings.

Paris-Meets-West-Coast Floral

€œThis powder room concept is West Coast Parisian with a very modern sink, wall of mirror and a rift-cut oak box behind the sink, which hides all the plumbing,€ says Negar Reihani of Space Harmony Design. €œIn order to inject a dose of European, we went for this modern version of a classic €œChinoiserie€ wallpaper on a grass cloth backing [Shangri-la by Philip Jeffries]€”it adds depth and playfulness to the small space.€

Roses are Red Wallpaper

€œThis paper oozes vintage vibes,€ says designer Maria Nordlund of the Heirloom Rose Red/Beige by Magnolia Home Collection. €œI wanted to create a warm and romantic guest room that makes its visitor never want to leave.€