Manufactured in London since 1947, this is a serving tray with some serious street cred.

I’ve likely admitted this here before, but I’m a collector of trays. (Which, to be fair, are actually fairly easy to store. Friends who collect candle holders are not so lucky.) I’ve got a couple from my Irish grandmother, worn thin with age and all the more beautiful for it, and several that were gifts. None match, of course, but that’s the point—each becomes its own little showcase for the food I’m serving that day.If it’s not too late to add to my holiday wish list, then this sparkling number from Kaymet has made its way to the top. The company has been making aluminum trays and trolleys since the late ’40s in south London—the byproduct of machinery that had been used for radios and radar equipment in the war. Available in black, silver and my favourite, gold, the trays are brushed, pressed and then hand-finished, with a series of round black rubber-grip domes creating a non-slip surface.I see it lined with a few glasses of egg nog and Neal McLennan’s homemade spiced rum. Holiday-perfect, no?Kaymet Pressed Rubber Grip Tray, $199, available at Provide, providehome.comServing Tray