I didn€™t expect there to be a day in my life where I would feel compelled to stand on a rooftop and shout out my love for a tea towel, but I guess this is what happens in your mid-30s.

I assume I'm not the only one out there who has had to make a heart-wrenching decision about her kitchen linens: do you stock up on absorbent towels that can actually dry your dishes, or do you commit to high-style tea towels that just sort of smear the water droplets around, but look damn good doing it?

My unhappy compromise has always been to have both on hand (display-purposes-only artisan-printed towels and ugly-but-functional terrycloth ones) and be annoyed with both for not hitting that sweet, sweet middle ground of form and function. But with the receipt of a recent housewarming gift, I€™ve discovered that golden product I€™ve been dreaming of does exist. They are Geometry towels. And they are perfect.

I€™ve got to give a shout out to friend and former WL editor Julia Dilworth for stumbling across this miracle product at The Factory in Tofino, and blessing my kitchen with a beautiful black-and-white towel that I€™ve used like seven times a day since. I'm so charmed that I€™ve just placed an order for six more and I'm planning to burn my old tea towels in a ceremonial bonfire. No other towel will do.

There are hundreds of fun prints on the hyper-absorbent microfibre towels that range from, well, geometric designs to ombré watercolours, and each is made from recycled post-consumer materials. I'm looking forward to taking a page out of Julia's book to be the housewarming-gift hero to others with these bad boys going forward, so if you've moving soon, let me know €” I'll need time to decide if you've better suited to an abstract floral print or a tigers-in-the-jungle kind of vibe.

Geometry tea towels, from $22 at The Factory