Outdoor happy hour sounds great until you remember that you live in Canada and Mother Nature often does all she can to prevent us from enjoying a drink in the sunshine. I’ve taken to throwing heat-safe beanbags (made by my grandma, brag alert) in the microwave and stuffing them my hoodies’ kangaroo pockets to get a little bit of extra warmth. Alcohol helps, of course, but it doesn’t totally quell the shivers. I’m still yearning for summer.

Of course, summer is still a few months away (and in Vancouver, there’s a few more months until it’s actually warm enough to wear shorts). But Ikea has an answer to keeping outdoor happy hour cozy: a massive “Quillow” (quilt slash pillow) that transforms into a wearable sleeping bag. Why they didn’t call it a Quillcketlowbag (quilt slash jacket slash pillow slash sleeping bag) is beyond me.

Anyway, the Faltmal quillow ($40) looks like this, in pillow form:

And once it completes it’s transformer-like metamorphosis, it looks like this:

Admittedly, one could not call it stylish. Or even moderately cute, in the before-times. But now, comfort and function are key, and there’s no arguing that this quillow looks as warm as it is sleeved.

Fashion-wise, it’s certainly not the best sleeping-bag-turned-outfit look I’ve seen. Regardless, Faltmal is absolutely on my pandemic homewear€”and bodywear€”list. Cheers to cozy, safe celebration.