This should be all of us now€”while thinking about the climate crisis isn€™t very festive, this time of year is particularly wasteful. Here's a roundup of gifts that are extra-mindfully made.

A Charcuterie Board Made from Fallen Trees

The Ashleigh extra-large charcuterie board ($260) from Bowyer and Toulson is handmade in Ladner, B.C., with wood sourced from fallen trees around the Vancouver area. This specific board is made from a maple tree, and is perfect for displaying other local goods (like cheese).

3D-Printed Shoes

Another step in the sustainable direction? 3D-printed shoes, which don't produce any extra fabric or offcuts (each part is made to be exactly the right size). Vancouver-based Casca's Avro knit shoes ($168) were developed in collaboration with orthotic experts, so they€™re easy on your feet and on the planet.

Festive Reusable Swedish Dish Cloths

For a paper towel-free kitchen, there'sthe Swedish dishcloth: an extra-thin, extra-strong, quick-drying cloth that can be washed and reused. Ten and Co's holiday set ($12) comes with cranberry-printed and €œFalala€-themed designs.

A Countertop Composter

This countertop appliance from a Quebec-based startup is taking the gross out of composting. The Tero ($595) is a compost device that odourlessly dries and grinds food waste, reducing the volume by 90 percent. What remains can be used to fertilize your giftee's lawn or garden.

An Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bar

Your giftee will be a little closer to living plastic-free with one of Island Soap Co.'s shampoo bars ($12). Each bar lasts up to 60 washes, and there'sno bottle left behind.

A Sweater That Will Last Forever

We love the transparency of Ecologyst's Victoria factory/retail store (the sewers make the clothes before your eyes!) and how all of their goods come with a lifetime guarantee. All that in mind, the Fisherman sweater ($395) is a solid investment.

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