If food is their love language, we're only too happy to give them the best cuisine-related gifts out there€”so long as they€™re sharing.

Canadian-designed Ramen Bowls

Real ramen-lovers know a cereal bowl just won't do. Lineage Ceramics€™ Vancouver-designed ramen bowls ($42 each) hold 52 ounces of liquid€”they€™re the ideal beast for a hefty helping. moeshome.com

A Countertop Pizza Oven

With great pizza power comes great pizza responsibility€”and the Ooni Koda 16-inch gas-powered pizza oven ($735) is for serious slices only. The heavy-duty oven is made with an authentic stone baking base and powder-coated steel shell. It's so hot, their regular oven might get jealous. kerrisdalelumber.com

A Multipurpose French Oven

We'll never tire of Le Creuset's timeless style, but they€™re still keeping things fresh: the new limited-edition Holly collection has classic products in a festive hue, like the 4.1-litre classic chef's French oven ($299) in enamelled cast iron. lecreuset.ca

A Classy Decanter

Up their entertaining game with the Sky wine decanter ($49) from Georg Jensen. It comes with a detachable filter to remove sediment, and the asymmetric stainless steel also adds an organic touch to the tabletop. georgjensen.com

Adorable Fortune Cookie Socks

we're a little obsessed with these fortune cookie socks ($20) from the new Foo Hung Curios gift shop in Vancouver's historic Chinatown. They might not be edible, but they'll score you big points for cuteness. foohungcurios.com

A Holiday Meal Box

Even if cooking is their passion, everyone deserves a break. For foodies in the Vancouver area, Spanish restaurant El Mercat is offering holiday boxes (from $60 per person) with menu options like Spanish charcuterie, roasted turkey canelons with cranberry bechamel and crunchy almond turrón (a nougat-y confection). elmercat.ca

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