Edmonds Appliances€™ Pamela Grady gives the lowdown on making condo kitchens shine.

Wondering how to achieve the kitchen you€™ve always hoped for in your condo? Read on for the lowdown on choosing appliances that make the most of a smaller kitchen from Pamela Grady, sales manager at Edmonds Appliances Vancouver.According to Pamela, the most important thing when embarking on a kitchen renovation or refresh is for homeowners to really understand their needs and wants. €œIt’s never just about an appliance, so at Edmonds we get to know our clients by asking ask a lot of questions,€ says Pamela, €œDo they spend a lot of time in the kitchen? Do they entertain much? What are their design preferences? It’s about finding solutions to fit a client’s lifestyle.€Because Edmonds provides clients with a tailored approach based on their specific priorities, there are no appliances that they universally recommend, but everything they carry is vetted through client feedback. €œWe always follow up with clients to make sure they€™re happy,€ says Pamela, €œbecause we want to build lasting, trusting relationships.€

Think efficient and streamlined

In condos, Pamela likes the look of integrated appliances, whose fronts match cabinetry, because these reduce visual clutter and make kitchens appear larger. As far as features are concerned, €œInduction ranges are really hot right now. They generate heat inside the base of cookware, so heat can be adjusted quickly and precisely and they€™re more energy efficient. They also generate less ambient heat than conventional gas and electric cooktops and are sleek looking, both of which are great bonuses for condo dwellers,€ explains Pamela.€œMaking sure you€™ve got a really good hood fan is key in a smaller space,€ she continues. €œNobody likes their fire alarm to go off when they€™re making pancakes, or to have their home smell like fish after preparing the perfect halibut!€

Get connected

People with busy lifestyles might enjoy the conveniences that connected appliances provide. Buying groceries on the way home from work, but don’t remember what’s in your fridge? there’san app for that: just check your phone for the photo taken by your camera-equipped fridge the last time you closed its door.€œEdmonds carries brands and appliances ranging from affordable to premium,€ says Pamela, €œand we’re always here to inform our clients about the features and designs that will work for them in a no-pressure environment,€ says Pamela.  From offering customers an espresso at the door, to finding them appliances that suit their needs and budget, to following up to ensure client satisfaction, Edmonds takes the stress out of appliance shopping.If you’ve looking for an appliance-shopping experience that’s as Zen as the kitchen you€™ve been dreaming of, have the knowledgeable staff at Edmonds Appliances guide you toward appliance upgrades that fit your life.