It’s time to think compact.

Smaller apartments and condos are becoming the norm in many Canadian markets. With this comes unique challenges, especially with regards to finding space friendly appliances. For many, buying a compact appliance is foreign territory. So, what should you be looking for? We’ve turned to the Product Experts at Trail Appliances to get their insight on what you should be looking for when purchasing compact.Most compact manufacturers are based out of Europe, so companies such as Blomberg are the experts in small-sized appliances. The majority of these appliances provide just as much power and features as a standard sized appliance, but start at 24-inches in width and go up from there. Modern dishwashers are already 24 inches wide, so they do go down in size from there while the optimal cooking size for ovens are 24-inches.When looking for a compact appliance, we first recommend measuring the actual space of your appliance cut-out since you may be working with more room than you initially thought. Many consumers also prefer to snap a picture of their space and get help in-store.Space isn’t the only thing to consider when buying apartment-sized products. You also need to know a few things, such as:

  • Which appliances require gas or electric?

  • Are they built-in or can they be freestanding?

  • How old is your wiring? Can it handle newer appliances?

It’s good to note these things because options will vary according to which type of appliance you need.Also, think about how you’ll be using them. Will you need a large oven if you rarely cook? Probably not. In that case, a space-efficient convection microwave oven or an induction cooktop might be all you need to occasionally heat up your leftovers or host a small group of friends.On the other hand, if you’re a home chef with a small kitchen, a modern wall oven may be a better option to save space, as many have the ability to fit a small turkey or even a medium-size roast chicken.If you’re not sure whether your appliance is built-in or freestanding, or about the amperage your unit can handle, ask your property manager how old the building is, and an expert in-store will most likely know what you’ll need.Another way to save space is with compact laundry machines. For example, this Stackable Washer and Dryer has a compact footprint, as it is shallow enough to fit within a closet.To take a look at more compact appliances, or to talk to a Product Expert from Trail in person, head over to