Conserve energy and space with these ultra-efficient washers and dryers.

Shopping for new appliances can be a daunting task. There are seemingly endless options to choose from at almost every retailer. From brands and price points, to colours and environmental impact, you’ve got a lot to consider before making a major purchase, and a new washing machine and dryer are no exception.Washers and dryers are not only an investment, they’re also the kind of large appliance that can greatly impact your energy bill. Additionally, they often require special setups within your home, accounting for water lines and dryer vents, as well as a decent amount of space to house them.Recently, there has been an advance in laundry machine engineering that’s a serious game changer: heat-pump technology. Heat-pump dryers and the cold-water washing machines that pair with them, use far less energy than traditional laundry machines, amounting to a significant savings both on your electricity bill and your carbon footprint.As this technology proliferates, several high quality appliance manufacturers, such as Blomberg, Asko, Miele, and even Whirlpool with their European-manufactured units, are embracing the heat-pump and offering stylish options for those who want an extremely efficient laundry option.Heat-pump dryers use nearly 50% less energy because they recycle the hot air rather than pumping it outdoors. They’re also significantly smaller than traditional units, and as such, they’re an excellent option for urban condo dwellers.Since heat-pump dryers don’t require venting, and their cold-water washer counterparts only need one water line, these machines are also a great option for those who want to install a second laundry area in their home, such as in a guest suite without a major renovation.Washing clothes in cold water is a great way to ensure they last longer as high heat can cause colours to fade and elastic to break down. Now that so many detergents — especially those that use organic and environmentally-friendly ingredients — are designed for cold water use, we don’t really need to waste energy on hot water washing. In fact, as the experts at Vancouver-based Coast Appliances will tell you, higher temperatures will kill the enzymes and lower the efficiency of most detergents. It’s time to say goodbye to the hot water wash cycle.For more information about heat-pump laundry machines, head to Coast Appliances’ flagship Vancouver showroom at 8488 Main St., or one of the additional 15 locations in Canada.