Your home just got a little€”okay, maybe a lot€”smarter with these sleek, chic and functional kitchen appliances.

Once upon a time, the majority of entertaining took place in the dining and living room€”but we all know the hub of every home is the kitchen. there’san undeniable warmth and energy in this room that everyone gravitates towards.Making sure that the kitchen is a stylish and functional space is key for those of us who love to entertain, and the new line of GE Café Wi-Fi enabled appliances accomplishes just that. Your kitchen will look gorgeous and you’ll be able to control and monitor the cooking process of your meal from anywhere with your smartphone or voice-controlled home device. OK Google, let’s get cooking!

1. GE Caf鄢 Black Slate Gas Range

Take your cooking to the next level with the highly functional and supremely stylish GE Café Black Slate Gas Range. Even the most challenging gourmet recipe is no match for this six-burner gas range with not one, but two ovens. Save time and channel your inner Gordon Ramsay by cooking dinner and dessert at two different temperatures at the same time. And forget worrying about where that next pot will fit; you€™ve got six elements on the cooktop to work with. Never again will you shy away from preparing that big holiday meal for the entire extended family€”you€™ve got a gas range that would stand up to one in a professional kitchen.While the sophisticated black slate finish of the GE Café Series appliances blends in seamlessly with any kitchen and home décor scheme, It’s also formulated to be virtually fingerprint and smudge-proof. Not only will it complement stainless-steel and other appliances beautifully, but it also offers piece of mind with its additional smart features. Need to leave the kitchen to attend to other tasks around the house, or step out to grab that forgotten ingredient? You can keep an eye on your culinary creation right from your mobile device. If you’ve hoping to get dinner on the table as quickly as possible, you can even begin preheating your oven right from your phone before you get home.

2. GE Caf鄢 Black Slate French Door Refrigerator

Ever wish you had your own in-home barista to prepare your morning coffee or tea while you’ve still in your pajamas? With the GE Café Series refrigerator in your kitchen, that dream becomes a reality. The Keurig® K-Cup® brewing system is built directly into the filtered water dispenser, allowing you to brew the perfect cup in an instant€”and with GE’s Wi-Fi connectivity, you can use your mobile device to ensure that your hot water is ready before you even get out of bed.Need to grab milk or cream while your coffee is brewing? The sleek French doors allow for quick access to one side of the fridge while water is preheating on the other. And it may sound hyperbolic, but the freezer drawer located at the bottom of the fridge will change your life for the better. Find previously hidden ice cream with ease and never worry about frozen peas tumbling across the floor with everything conveniently stored down below.It’s hard to keep on top of the latest home design trends, but something as simple as a change of appliances might be all you need to spice up your kitchen’s design without committing to a whole new colour palette.If you€™ve got renos on the brain but don’t want to upset the decorative balance of your space, this chic suite of appliances may be just what the doctor€”or at-home chef€”ordered.