For more than four decades, Viking has been staking claim in the luxury appliance market with innovative, modern technology and an exquisite range of aesthetic options. It was actually the first company to delight culinary adventurists by manufacturing professional-grade ranges for home kitchens, and in doing so, has made it possible for families to enjoy daily meals that taste like five-star dishes.

Luxury for the Home Chef

viking range
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Foodies and culinary aficionados swoon over the range line’s sealed, copper Elevation Burners™, which are exclusive to the brand. Burners with 23,000 BTUs across the front are the ultimate for searing a steak to perfection or trying out that new stir-fry recipe. If homemade sauce or decadent stews are more your jam, multiple 15,000 BTU burners and one 8,000 BTU burner take up the rear for an even simmer in slow-cooking dishes. And while the menu may change, the desire for quick and easy clean-up never will—check out the range’s elevated flame ports, which prevent spillovers from baking on make clean-up a cinch.

Perhaps most exciting is Viking’s globally-inspired colour palette that references natural and urban wonders of the world, including a dazzling white horizon meeting a pale grey sky, forged steel and ancient traditions of Damascus and the colourful flavours and ingredients of Italy.

Refrigerated Freshness

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Professional chefs are the first to say that kitchen masterpieces begin with the freshest ingredients. Crisp fruits and vegetables, tender meats and proteins, and perfectly textured grains are the heart and soul of every meal, whether a long-time family-favourite or an experimental new recipe. Viking’s innovations in refrigeration have you covered, with exclusive BlueZone™ Fresh Preservation Technology, which eliminates viruses, mold and bacteria rather than simply trapping them in a filter. This means that food stays fresher for longer overall and elevates a Viking fridge above the standard. Unique, patented air cleaning technology strips microbes, ethylene gas, hydrocarbons and odors from the air, for garden-freshness every time you open the door.

Viking Power

Viking has grown in popularity to become one of the most revered brands among professional chefs. The flexibility to cook however the mood or occasion dictates is irresistible—and the price point among other luxury brands is always a draw. Viking appliances also stand the test of time, offering the industry’s best warranty, which includes a 90-day ‘no quibble’ replacement/repair guarantee and full coverage for all indoor cooking appliances for two years.

Ready to lavish in the luxury created by the flexibility of a kitchen that rises to every challenge? Discover Viking today. Visit a Trail Appliances showroom near you or shop online to get a taste of the Viking experience.

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