That’s why the Western Front’s annual Toque reigns supreme.

Once upon a time Christmas Craft Fairs were a low-key event , heavy on crochet, heavy on grandmas, a little light on Street Cred. But it seems if we’ve entered peak craft fair€”there’s one every weekend, and each one has more distributors than last year€”and it can all add up to artisanal overload.That’s where we come in to separate the macrame wheat from the pot-holder chaff. The Western Front is one of the most thought provoking art institutions (although they’d hate being called an institution) in the country€”with genre-pushing exhibits dealing with contemporary art and new music. So when they decided to launch a small craft fair a few years ago to coincide with their annual membership drive, little did they know it would quickly carve out a niche as a place where the thoughtful shopper is matched with dedicated artisans. And unlike some of the other fairs that have expanded and expanded, Toque keeps it supremely well curated: 30 tables, everyone a winner in their genre. Check out a few snippets below: The full list of exhibitors is here. Toque runs from November 30-December 2. And while you’re at it, buck up for a membership€”you’ll be supporting a very cool “institution.”