When WL celebrated our 50th anniversary a couple of years ago, we highlighted 50 people, places and things that we love about the West—and Martha Sturdy was, of course, a key person on that list. “The polyglot that is Martha Sturdy is definitely in the running for most consistent presence in WL over the years,” wrote Neal McLennan at the time. “There she is in March 1984 as a model, rocking her own soon-to-be-ubiquitous oversized jewellery. And then, ten years later, there’s a page of her on-point experiments in resin. Then, another seven years later, her furniture design is front and centre, and countless times in between too numerous to mention.” 

The Flower Bowl. (Photo: Seth Stevenson)

And because of that ubiquitous presence—dare you to try to count the modern homes in Western Living that feature one of her Canoe Trays, or oversized Flower bowl somewhere on display—it feels near-impossible to imagine that her iconic run will soon come to an end. But Studio Sturdy has decided to officially wind down its accessories and furniture business, so that Martha can focus exclusively on her art.  

The Canoe Tray from Studio Sturdy.

To celebrate the end of an era, local design stores Provide and Provide Design Gallery will be hosting the artist herself on Saturday, May 6, from 1-3pm. The stores have long carried Sturdy’s work, and will be both taking orders and selling pieces currently in the stock. “We love the boldness of her designs, and that they’re minimal, but classic shapes that are timeless,” says Provide owner David Keeler. “She’s perfected her work in resin over the years, and the quality is exceptional. There’s probably no one in North America that can rival her work.”

(Photo: Seth Stevenson)

“Martha has been such a staple of the west coast design scene for years, and she’s really made a large impact in the design community with her work,” he continues. “And it’s amazing it’s designed and made right here in Vancouver.” 

It’s a day of celebration on the 6th, and after that, any remaining orders must be placed by June 30. If you’ve been long coveting a piece from this iconic west coast designer—now is the time.

(Photo: Seth Stevenson)

Martha Sturdy will be at Provide Design Gallery (1636 W. 2nd) and around the corner at the original Provide (1805 Fir St.) on Saturday, May 6, 2023, from 1-3pm, where guests can place orders for pieces from Studio Sturdy, up until June 30, 2023.