The Vancouver-based planners are calling lights out on the contest, but would be “thrilled” to see someone else reignite it.

After six years, the founders of the Vancouver-based LAMP€”short for Lighting Architecture Movement Project, a biennial lighting-design competition among makers around the world€”have called lights out on the contest.But while Annika Hagen and Nicole Fox have decided not to carry on the initiative, the duo said in a recent e-blast that they would be €œthrilled€ to pass the torch to someone else. Interested organizers are instructed to contact Hagen and Fox directly by e-mail. Designers who intended to submit an entry for LAMP’s 2019 edition may also fill out an online form to be notified if LAMP is “re-lit” within the year.”The decision to close LAMP has not been made lightly, but we have come to realize that our passions lie elsewhere,” the founders stated. “We are so grateful for the loyal support you have shown us over the years. While we have decided to end our run with LAMP we would be thrilled to see it live on.”Launched in Vancouver in 2013 as a group exhibition showcasing lighting and form with an emphasis on architectural design, LAMP was an international competition that tasked designers, engineers, architects and other creative people with crafting an innovative lighting fixture according to a certain theme.Over the years, the contest has seen hundreds of submissions€”from recyclable tightrope-inspired prototypes to minimalist timber models€”from more than 28 countries, the finalists of which were displayed at special gala events in Vancouver.