Oh, just with a private concert of a legendary musician…

This past Saturday, Vancouver-based jewellery brand Pyrrha celebrated their 20th anniversary in the city. The past recipients of our Western Living Designers of the Year are known for their iconic talisman jewellery, and though they opened an L.A. store five years ago, they’ve kept their production in Vancouver—and creators Wade Papin and Danielle Willamore celebrated the milestone by bringing music legend Patti Smith to their new studio for the night. (They celebrated this past March in L.A. with another wee little event—a concert with Iron & Wine.)Smith, who’s on a book tour for her latest, M Train, told the crowd, “What do you when you have a night off? You come to Vancouver.”She played favourites from her 1975 debut album Horses—including fan favourites “Gloria,” and “Birdland” and “Dancing Barefoot”—along with a gorgeous cover of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.” And the crowd joined in for “Because the Night.”

For highlights of the night, click on the slideshow below:

A crowd of several hundred gathered in Pyrrha’s new studio on Quebec Street in Vancouver. (Photo by Evaan Kheraj.)

Pyrrha founders and designers Wade Papin and Danielle Willamore brought Patti Smith in for a private concert to celebrate their 20th anniversary. (Photo by Evaan Kheraj.)

Music legend Patti Smith takes the stage. (Photo by Evaan Kheraj.)

Smith interspersed songs with storytelling. (Photo by Evaan Kheraj.)

Smith played her own music, along with several covers—including Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day.” (Photo by Evaan Kheraj.)

An inscription with the inspiration for Pyrrha’s name lines one wall of their new studio. (Photo by Evaan Kheraj.)