Stylish seating that will instantly update your living space.

1. Place Setting

The Platz sofa by Désirée (from $7,500) appears to almost float with its slim metal base and deep, generous cushions and armrests that extend beyond its footprint, creating a platz or “place” for seating that’s refined but also very relaxed.

2. Mod Times

Herman (from $7,600) evokes some character of its name—solid and affable—but this customizable sofa, designed by Italian architects Manzoni and Tapinassi forNatuzzi, makes it very easygoing indeed.

3. Get Cozy

The name really says it all. Cosy by Francesco Rota for MDF Italia (from $7,000) is a collection of padded modular elements (seats with different depths and lengths, backs with different heights, additional poufs and cushions). It’s about making your own composition and version of cozy.

4. Deep Hibernation

The fanciful Pack sofa (from $28,000) by Francesco Binfaré for Edra takes its name from the ice floes upon which polar bears find respite. Join the rather abstract furry (and ecological, of course) figure lying on its side (both bear and backrest) for your own hibernation spot at home.

5. Swing Set

Soft and yielding while straitlaced and simple, the Swing sofa from Alivar (from $11,995) maxes out in comfort while it minimizes extraneous design. Get even more play out of this sofa with a “service ledge” or side table upon which to keep accoutrements, be it cocktail or book.

6. Fine and Dandy

Made in Italy, the Wolf sofa (price upon request) is part of designer Giuseppe Viganò’s “fashion-oriented lifestyle” in the Dandy home collection for Gamma. Lanky yet relaxed, the Wolf is high-backed with a bit of insouciant slouch and leather-clad in a mix of ensembles that’s tailored for any leader of the pack.

7. Wave Length

Part of a new sofa-and-armchair collection from BoConcept, the Adelaide (price upon request) is sinewy and sensuous seating that carries some surf-like lines and the beachy allure of its moniker. Bodacious, curvaceous, stripped down and oh-so-inviting.

Designer’s Pick by Carrie McCarthy

“My go-to sofa is the Edward by Bensen. It’s roomy for entertaining, watching family movies, or even for hosting an overnight guest. My clients love it; it works in smaller spaces and condos or grand spaces. Its clean lines with tufting detail create a sheltered feeling and a harmony of modern and traditional. In my own home we have the sectional in a lovely grey cotton viscose—we love it.”

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