The upside to a weather forecast that reads something like €œ10 degrees and raining€ for the next, you know, five months is that you can fully embrace staying in. Homebodies know that the leaves changing means their days of being peer pressured by the shining sun to go enjoy its full glory each and every day are over. 

We can finally curl up with a blanket and a good book and stay in all weekend long guilt-free. No piece of furniture screams (or should we say softly whispers?) hygge quite like a cozy recliner. But you don't have to sacrifice half your living room and your entire colour scheme to get a chair that embraces comfort. 

From modern silhouttes to Mid-century armchairs, these eight recliners are sleek, stylish and so comfy that you can watch the entire new season of Tiger King without missing a second. 

Credit: Structube

1. A High-Tech Recliner

Want all the comfort of a plush recliner without the jerky transitions? With Structube's Palmer armchair ($1,499) you can go from upright to fully horizontal with the push of a button. there'salso a USB port discreetly built into the side so you can charge your phone without getting up (the dream). It's made with full-grain leather and features an updated take on a classic shape with a small enough footprint you€™d never know it was a recliner. All the makings of a luxurious afternoon nap. 

Credit: La-Z-Boy

2. A Stylish La-Z-Boy

This isn€™t your grandpa's recliner. A La-Z-boy with a facelift, La-Z-boy's Albany Fabric Press Back Recliner ($1,049) adds a bit of mid-century flair to the classic comfort we all know and love. The cover is fully customizable so you can pick something that works for your space (leopard print is on the table€”you do you ). The cushions are made with a blown fibre fill and high-grade foam so you'll know they'll be extra comfortable without needing to be fluffed too much.

Credit: EQ3

3. A Classic Recliner with a Contemporary Twist

Another chair that does all the work for you, EQ3's Lawrence Reclining Chair (from $1,999) is custom made in Canada and there are over 100 leather and fabric options with varying grades from 10 to 60 (if that's a little overwhelming, don't worry€”they'll send you up to 10 colour swatches for free). The one pictured here is €œGrade 30 Vitoria Granite.€ The airy metal legs add an unexpected and contemporary touch to a classic boxy-in-all-the-right-ways recliner. 

Credit: Article

4. A Versatile Recliner for Small Spaces

With three reclining modes, Article's Ellow Chair ($1,899) is great for small apartment living because it seamlessly transitions from chic accent chair to plush recliner. Talk about multifunctional. Reviewers raved about how soft the fabric is and said the armrests are €œreally comfortable.€ Plus vibrant jewel tone covers and walnut legs are a focal point worth making space for.

Credit: Brougham Interiors

5. A Recliner to Snuggle Up In 

there'sno denying Conform knows a thing or two about crafting a sleek and functional place to sit. They let their Scandinavian roots shine in the Timeout Recliner (price available upon request), which has curved paneled armrests.there'sno pop-up foot rest (you can get a matching footstool if that's a priority) but the back reclines into the perfect snuggly reading spot. It somehow looks like a hug, and what more could we ask for from a chair?

Credit: Bo Concepts

6. A Cozy Work Recliner

Still working from home? Dutch designer Frans Schrofer is all about making ergonomic designs that look beautiful. So if you somehow always end up on your couch by the end of the work day, Bo Concepts’ Athena Chair (from $4,059) just might be the answer to your spine's prayers. The swiveling base and reclining back are perfect for working while the modern flowing shape and enormous selection of texture options (from felt to velvet to corduroy) dress up nicely in a living room. Pop your feet up on the coffee table or the matching footstool and prepare to have the work day fly by.

Credit: Country Living Furnishings

7. A Recliner that Goes with Everything

Made from ethically sourced materials, Country Living Furnishings’ Chance Recliner (price available upon request) is low enough to the ground to work well for shorter folks while still being super plush and spacious. Curved armrests add a modern feel, and they€™re made from durable parawood they’ll look great even after years of wear. Horizontal channels provide contemporary detailing and cushy back support. Add in the pop-out footrest and we'll happily recline here all winter long. See ya next spring!

Credit: Stressless

8. A Chic Heavy-Duty Recliner 

A (much) sleeker version of one of the well-loved recliners your parents have surely had for 20 years, Stressless€™ Consul Power Recliner (from $3,890) actually comes in two sizes, medium and large, so you can choose one that fits you and your space (the large offers three and a half additional inches of width). Stressless makes their chairs to hug the human form and this recliner gives great support for your head and back so It's the perfect place to ease achey muscles after a long day.