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Memory foam mattresses are durable and comfortable. They provide a unique cushioning sensation that many find appealing. They are often more comfortable than a traditional innerspring mattress. Plus, each mattress comes with a host of features to mitigate heat, offer unparalleled support, and relieve pressure points that develop during sleep. We’ve put together a list of the best memory foam mattresses in Canada to help you decide which memory foam mattress is right for you.

Our top picks for the best memory foam mattresses in Canada

  • Best Overall: The Novosbed Mattress
  • Best All-Foam: The Douglas Mattress
  • Best Cooling: GhostBed Classic Mattress
  • Best Pillow-Top: Logan and Cove Mattress
  • Best Motion Isolation: The Endy Mattress
  • Best Support: Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

Why memory foam?

Memory foam offers a host of benefits that you won’t find in other types of mattresses. It forms in your body, creating a cradling effect that relieves pressure. It feels like you’ve sinking into the mattress, which some people might enjoy.

Memory foam mattresses are great for every sleeping position. Though the firmness options may play a part, memory foam is adaptable to any way you want to sleep. They absorb motion well due to the lack of springs, meaning that you won’t feel your partner trying to get comfortable on the other side of the bed.

All of these things make memory foam a viable replacement for traditional innerspring mattresses. However, there’s much more to memory foam than these benefits.

A memory foam mattress might be right for you if you…

  • Like the cradling feeling of a memory foam “hug.”
  • don’t sleep too hot.
  • Want extra pressure point relief.
  • Like soft, comforting mattresses.
  • Sleep on your side or back.

What should you look for in a memory foam mattress?

Here are some of the other features you should look for in a memory foam mattress in Canada.

  • Temperature Control. Memory foam mattresses can sleep warm. The foam forms in your body, but it also holds on to heat. To avoid this, you want to choose a memory foam mattress that includes temperature control features. They might use gel memory foam or aerated foam. Hybrid options also have a little more airflow throughout the center of the mattress.
  • Motion Isolation. Spring mattresses transfer motion freely. If you have a restless partner, you’ve probably been disturbed by their tossing and turning. On innerspring mattresses, It’s unavoidable. However, foam absorbs motion much better. Even hybrid memory foam mattresses have individual coils, so they can isolate motion much better than an innerspring. Still, look for mattresses that state that they isolate motion well.
  • Hybrid Options. Memory foam mattresses are supportive enough, but hybrid options can increase the support that they offer. A hybrid mattress uses layers of foam in addition to individual coils. These coils provide more structured support. You get the best of all-foam and innerspring mattresses with hybrid options.
  • Edge Support. Sometimes, memory foam mattresses can be more supportive at the center than at the edges. The result is a sinking or sliding feeling when sitting on the edge. If you sleep near the edge, you might not be taking advantage of the support the mattress offers. Look for mattresses with reinforced edges or additional edge support to get corner-to-corner support.
  • Firmness and support aren’t the same things. Your preferred firmness has a lot to do with your body type and sleeping position.
    • Stomach sleepers and sleepers weighing less than 130 pounds might prefer a softer mattress (1-4 on the universal firmness scale).
    • Side sleepers and sleepers weighing between 130 and 230 pounds might prefer a medium mattress (5 and 6 on the universal firmness scale).
    • Back sleepers, combination sleepers, and sleepers weighing over 230 pounds might prefer a firm mattress (7-10 on the universal firmness scale).

We’ve listed the firmnesses of all of the mattresses on our list on this 10-point scale, so choose one that appeals to you. These guidelines are a great place to start.

Best Overall: The Novosbed Mattress

Most mattresses offer a single firmness option. If that doesn’t work for you, you’ve left to choose a different mattress altogether. The Novosbed Mattress, on the other hand, offers three different firmness options. Each of these options is customizable even further with the Comfort+ foam topper kits. With these kits in mind, there are a total of 9 firmness levels to help you sleep more comfortably.

For your base firmness option, you can choose between soft (a 3.2 on the firmness scale), medium (4.7), and firm (7.1). After you purchase your mattress, you’ll have a 120-night sleep trial. If you aren’t happy with the firmness after the first 30 days, you can request a Comfort+ Kit that can make your mattress softer or firmer, depending on your preference.

After passing another 30 days with the Comfort+ kit, you can choose to return the mattress for a full refund if it’s still not for you. We don’t think you’ll want to return it, though! This mattress is made of luxury fabrics, high-density foams and is perfectly customizable.

It starts with the washable cover. This cover is made of Tencel fabrics, so It’s soft to the touch and works to keep you cool. When it gets dirty, simply zip it off and throw it into the laundry with the rest of the bedding. Under the cover are three layers of foam. The first layer, the comfort zone, features a plush, body-cradling foam that features open-cell airflow. This layer helps to disperse heat and keep you comfortable while you sleep. On the Soft firmness option, this layer uses gel memory foam for a little extra softness.

The middle layer helps with deep body contouring, relieving pressure points and keeping you cushioned from the firmer layer of support foam beneath. This layer is also responsible for motion isolation, so you won’t feel your partner tossing and turning.

The support layer is a high-density premium support foam that evenly distributes your weight. You won’t sink into this layer, but it helps provide the lofty support the other layers need to offer cushioned and contoured comfort.

The Novosbed comes in all six standard mattress sizes and can be used with an adjustable, platform, box springs, and slatted foundation. After the 120-night sleep trial, you’ll have a full 15-year warranty against indents, tears, and excessive sagging.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Soft (3.2/10), Medium (4.7/10), Firm (7.1/10)

Available online

Best All-Foam: The Douglas Mattress

The Douglas Mattress is a Canadian-exclusive mattress, domestically produced with a blend of eco-conscious foams. Together, the layers of foam create a cooling, pressure-relieving hug that works well for most sleepers. It’s a medium firm mattress, which makes it ideal for back and side sleepers. Stomach sleepers may find that It’s comfortable, too.

Before we get to the foam, however, we have to look at the CoolSense cover. This Tencel cover helps draw moisture and heat away from your body as you sleep, reducing heat buildup so that you don’t wake up sweating. The cover is removable and washable. Refresh your entire bed whenever you wash your bedding by unzipping the cover and throwing it in the washing machine.

The first layer is made of luxury ecoLight foam, an eco-conscious alternative to memory foam. It’s a cooling gel foam that doesn’t hold on to heat like standard memory foam. It’s also made with about 40% less carbon than standard memory foam.

The middle layer is Elastex foam, a synthetic alternative to natural latex. It’s made without the chemicals that you’d usually find in latex, so It’s hypoallergenic. It’s just as responsive, bouncy, and stable as standard latex foam as well. The final layer is a dense slab of support foam. This helps the bed keep its shape, reduces sagging, and helps to stop motion transfer. This bed does a great job of keeping you still while your partner moves around at night. It’s partially due to this layer.

The Douglas Mattress is available in all six standard mattress sizes. You’ll get a 120-night sleep trial when you purchase the mattress. After the first 30 days, you can return it for a full refund if It’s not to your liking. We think you’ll keep it, though! After this, you’ll get a 15-year warranty that protects against damage during normal use. This mattress can be placed on any type of foundation, including adjustable, platform, box, and slatted.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium Firm (6.6/10)

Available online

Best Cooling: GhostBed Classic Mattress

For those that sleep hot, a cooling mattress is essential. These mattresses help reduce heat buildup as you sleep, ensuring that any heat gets channelled away and eliminated. You’ll wake to feel less sweaty and uncomfortable than you would before. That’s the premise behind the GhostBed Classic Mattress, which features a host of cooling features to complement its excellent support.

The GhostBed Classic is one of the company’s simplest mattresses, but that isn’t a bad thing. Here, you’ll find a mixed foam approach that emphasizes temperature control and top-notch support. This mattress works well for sleepers in any position, though stomach sleepers may prefer a softer mattress. On the firmness scale, this mattress is rated as firm at around 7.5.

The top of the mattress features a smooth, soft cover. It’s a breathable material blend to help keep you cool at night. Under the cover are three layers of foam. The top layer is aerated non-allergenic latex foam. It’s responsive, bouncy, and doesn’t offer the same cradling that a memory foam mattress would. If you don’t like the way that memory foam forms to your body, this is the perfect compromise.

The layer underneath this latex foam is made of gel memory foam. The gel component helps keep you cool, even in the places where the mattress dips the most. It’s a proprietary foam from GhostBed that funnels heat away from you very well.

The bottom is a thick layer of high-density core foam that helps with spinal alignment, full-body support, and motion isolation. This mattress does its best to keep you comfortable, cool and sleeping through the night.

The GhostBed Classic Mattress is available in six standard mattress sizes and an additional split king option. Here, the mattress is split. This is best for adjustable frames where each partner can raise and lower their side at will. Box springs, adjustable, and slatted foundations are all perfect for this mattress.

If you want to test it out, you can try it for 101 nights after your purchase. When the first 30 days have passed, you can return the bed for a refund. When you decide to keep it, the warranty lasts a full 20 years.

Warranty: 20 years / Trial Period: 101 nights / Firmness: Firm (7.5/10)

Available online

Best Pillow-Top: Logan and Cove Mattress

Pillow-top mattresses are some of the most comfortable, especially for those that appreciate a softer bed. It’s a little less common to find a pillow-top foam mattress. When you do, It’s worth trying out. The Logan and Cove Luxury Pillow-Top Mattress features a comfortable multi-layered top section, and It’s available in two firmness options.

The Medium Plush option is ideal for those who want a softer experience. It ranks at about a 6.3 on the universal firmness scale. The Luxury Firm version, on the other hand, is about a 7.7. Both use the same construction, though Luxury Firm uses denser firm layers.

All of the components of this hybrid mattress work together to create superior motion isolation, comfort, and a uniquely soft feel. The luxury materials come at an affordable price, which is definitely part of the draw for this mattress.

The cover on this mattress is made of Tencel fabric, soft and breathable, so you are comfortable and cool throughout the night. The first layer is a silk blend fill that maintains the soft, cloud-like feel of the pillow-top section. The rest of this section is made of three separate foam layers. The first layer is a high-density cooling foam that doesn’t allow heat to build up around you.

The second layer is a lower-density cooling foam, so even your deep body contouring areas will stay cool. This layer helps cushion pressure points, so you wake up refreshed. The last pillow-top layer is a biofoam that is meant to cushion you from the harder foams in the layers below.

The first layer of the mattress base is a thick layer of high-density foam. No matter how you sleep or for how long, you won’t sink into the coils. The coil layer is tall, and It’s full of zoned, pocketed coils that move independently. Since they don’t compress together, this layer works to help isolate motion. You won’t feel every movement from the other side of the bed.

Overall, the Logan and Cove Luxury Pillow-Top Mattress provides a comfortable feel and superior edge support. You can choose the firmness option that best appeals to you. don’t worry if you get it wrong, either—you’ll have a sleep trial of 120 nights when you purchase the mattress. If you want to choose the other firmness instead, you can initiate an exchange after the first 30 days. You’ll also have access to a 15-year warranty when you keep the mattress.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium Plush (6.3/10), Luxury Firm (7.7/10)

Available online

Best Motion Isolation: The Endy Mattress

One of the biggest benefits of a memory foam mattress is motion isolation. The foam absorbs motion and works to neutralize it. You might not feel any motion at all on the other side of the bed. The Endy Mattress features foam that eliminates this motion transfer in real-time, making it the perfect mattress for couples who are worried about motion.

This mattress uses open-cell foam to promote airflow and stop motion in its tracks. The little pockets of air help draw heat away from you as you sleep, but they also work to absorb tossing and turning. You won’t wake your partner up if you’ve having trouble getting comfortable, and they won’t wake you up when they get up for work.

This mattress is also one of the first memory foam mattresses we’ve seen that don’t change with the weather. Memory foam is heat-sensitive. This works in your favour most of the time. The foam softens with your body heat, which allows it to form around you. However, this also means that your mattress is going to be harder in the winter and softer in the summer. The Endy Mattress’s proprietary Endy Memory Foam doesn’t work this way, making it easier to use all year long.

The Endy is a medium-firm mattress with a rating of 6.5 on the universal firmness scale. The amazing support starts with a machine washable cover. This cover zips off so you can wash it when you do the laundry. Beneath this is a layer of Endy Comfort foam. This memory foam layer uses the open-cell design to form to your body without trapping heat. It creates a nice cushion for your pressure points, so you wake feeling refreshed.

The middle layer is a transitional foam that makes the support foam layer a bit softer. When you sink into the mattress, you’ll still be sleeping comfortably. Finally, the support layer is a high-density memory foam that helps keep your spine aligned and offers unparalleled support.

The Endy mattress comes in all six standard mattress sizes. If you’ve unsure about it, you can try it for a period of 100 nights after purchase. During this time, you can return the mattress for a full refund if you don’t like it. A 10-year warranty is applied to your purchase if you choose to keep the mattress—and we think you will!

Warranty: 10 years / Trial Period: 100 nights / Firmness: Medium Firm (6.5/10)

Available online

Best Support: Casper Original Hybrid Mattress

The Casper Original Mattress combines all of the best features of a memory foam mattress. Here, you’ll find a unique sleeping experience that avoids nearly all of the issues with other memory foam mattresses. This mattress is incredibly supportive, sleeps cool, and is made from premium, long-lasting materials.

This mattress comes in an all-foam and hybrid option, so you can choose the one that best fits your sleeping style. We’ll be looking at the hybrid option here, but the all-foam mattress features a thick layer of support foam instead of a coil layer.

Whatever option you choose, you’ve getting a great sleeping experience. It starts with the cover, which is soft and breathable. It’s also made of acrylic fabric that is made with up to 57 recycled plastic bottles. While some acrylic fabrics are stiff, this cover remains soft throughout its life.

The first layer down is AirScape foam. This is a perforated foam that breathes, increases airflow, and funnels heat away from your body as you sleep. This foam works to form to your body, relieving pressure and providing a soft, comfortable sleeping surface. The addition of the perforations is extremely useful for keeping heat and humidity away from you.

The second layer is where the support happens. Here, there is a layer of zoned support foam. This means that there is firmer foam near the center of your body to help support your back and hips. Softer foam at the shoulders and feels gives a cushion to areas that see a lot of pressure. If you sleep on your side or back, this is the layer that does all of the work for you.

The final layer of the hybrid version uses a layer of airy springs. These are zoned and pocketed, providing more motion isolation than a standard innerspring mattress. Further, this layer is surrounded by thick foam edge support. You’ll be able to comfortably sit on the edges of this mattress without sliding off or sinking too much.

The Casper Original Hybrid Mattress is available in all six standard mattress sizes. It works best with a box spring foundation, which you can order when you purchase a mattress. You’ll have 100 nights to decide if you like the mattress after purchase. After the first 30 days, you can return it for a full refund. There is a 10-year limited warranty on mattresses you choose to keep.

Warranty: 10 year (limited) / Trial Period: 100 nights / Firmness: Medium Firm (6.5/10)

Available online

Best Hypoallergenic: Puffy Lux Mattress

Allergies can make it difficult to sleep well, especially with foam mattresses. Thankfully, there are hypoallergenic versions to help ease issues that some people have. The Puffy Lux Mattress is a high-quality hypoallergenic memory foam mattress made with the best non-allergenic materials.

Although this mattress offers hypoallergenic properties, it doesn’t require much maintenance. It works with any surface, frame, base, and foundation. You can put this mattress anywhere, and it will perform perfectly. It’s also designed to be helpful for all types of sleepers, though those that prefer a firmer mattress may want to look elsewhere. This mattress is of medium firmness. It’s about a 5.5 on the universal firmness scale.

It’s an exceedingly cool mattress. The Cooling Cloud foam that is unique to Puffy helps the mattress breathe, keeping the core of the mattress cooler. This means that you’ll be cooler, even in areas that sink into the mattress. Under the hypoallergenic cover are six layers of proprietary foam, all of which have unique properties to keep you sleeping comfortably.

In addition to layers of Cooling Cloud Foam, this mattresses uses a body-adapting foam that keeps your pressure points from becoming uncomfortable. These foams work to keep your spine aligned and offer support where you need it most. All the while, the cooling properties of the foam keep pulling heat away from you, ensuring that you don’t wake up sweaty.

The support core dampens any movement, reducing motion transfer. It also helps to support your body. It balances your weight to provide all-over support, eliminating pressure and creating a lofty feeling when you get comfortable. All of these foams are proprietary and work together to create a comfortable medium surface that will lead to a great night of sleep.

If you want to try the Puffy Lux for yourself, you can indulge in the 101-night sleep trial. If the mattress isn’t for you, you can return it for a full refund. When you keep it, you’ll get a lifetime warranty to ensure that your Puffy Lux mattress keeps working for a long time after your purchase.

Warranty: Lifetime / Trial Period: 101 nights / Firmness: Medium (5.5/10)

Available online

Best Pressure Relief: Apollo Copper Mattress

Unfortunately, the mattress industry doesn’t see new technology very often. Outside of proprietary materials and different combinations of the ones we already have, memory foam mattresses are pretty consistent. The Apollo Copper Hybrid, however, offers some solid technology that helps keep you cool and perfectly supported as you sleep.

From its layers of foam to its micro coils, this mattress uses more advanced features than most of the other mattresses on our list. Its hybrid design uses 5 layers of foam and coils to support your body, reduce heat, and provide excellent pressure point relief. When it comes to firmness, this mattress comes in at about a 4.5 on the universal firmness scale, which is a medium.

All of the foam used in the Apollo Copper Hybrid is premium, high-density foam, and each layer has a unique feature that makes it cooler, more comfortable, and more supportive. The cover is removable and machine washable. It’s also made with cooling fabric, so it feels cold to the touch when you’ve not sleeping on it. It helps keep you cool when you sleep, but it’s only the first line of defence against excessive heat.

The first layer of foam is copper-infused memory foam. It uses antimicrobial copper to conduct heat away from you, but it also has gel microbeads to soak up excessive heat. There are very few copper-infused mattresses on the market, so this technology is pretty new.

The second layer is 5G open-cell memory foam. The airflow created by the open-cell design works with the other cooling technologies to make sure that you are comfortable, even in the deep body contouring zones. This layer has a thick 3-inch edge support surround that maintains support across the mattress.

The coil layer is created with hundreds of adaptive steel micro-coils, all of which are an inch high. These help with additional temperature control, as they create plenty of airflow opportunities to channel heat away. They are individually pocketed and zoned, so they form to your body without being uncomfortable or hard.

They rest on top of a dual base layer of support foam. This helps isolate motion and spread your weight across the mattress, relieving pressure are providing support.

The Apollo Copper Hybrid comes in all six standard mattress sizes. You can use it with a platform, box, slatted, and adjustable foundation. After purchase, you’ll have 120 nights to determine if It’s the mattress for you. After the first 30 days, you can return it for a full refund if you don’t like it. If you decide to keep it, you’ll have a 15-year warranty.

Warranty: 15 years / Trial Period: 120 nights / Firmness: Medium (4.5)

Available online

Further Considerations

Before you commit to purchasing a memory foam mattress, consider these things:

  • Sleep Trial: Buying a mattress online is more difficult than buying one in person. How do you know if you’ll like it? To deal with this issue, mattress companies often use sleep trials to help you make a decision. When you buy the mattress, you’ll have a trial period. This usually ranges between 30 and 120 nights. After the first 30 days, you can return the mattress for a full refund if it doesn’t work for you.
  • Warranty: Mattress warranties protect you from defects in manufacturing during normal use. The longer the warranty, the better it is for you. Some companies design their warranties to protect against specific occurrences like dipping, sagging, and indentations of a certain depth. Always make sure to read the fine print of a warranty before purchasing your mattress.
  • Size: Mattresses come in six standard sizes. These sizes are Twin, Twin XL, Double (Full), Queen, King, and California King. Twin and Twin XL are great for single people, while double beds are great for a single person sleeping with a child. Queen, King, and California King sizes are ideal for couples. Choose the size that you think will be best for your sleeping situation.

Frequently asked questions about memory foam mattresses in Canada

How do memory foam mattresses work?

Memory foam is a heat-sensitive material. When It’s colder, memory foam is firm. Warmer temperatures, like your body heat, transform memory foam into a softer material. This allows them to form to your body, becoming soft where It’s needed and staying firm elsewhere.

How do memory foam mattresses hold up?

Over time, you can expect a memory foam mattress to soften. They are generally more durable than traditional innerspring mattresses. Using the correct foundation can prevent sagging over time. Most companies have warranties that cover excessive sagging or indentation, which should not happen in normal circumstances.

How often should you replace a memory foam mattress?

Regardless of how your memory foam mattress holds up, you should replace it after 6-8 years of use. You should be rotating your mattress from time to time to reduce sagging and indentation.

A memory foam mattress can help improve your sleep, especially if you need pressure point relief. If you enjoy the “cradling” feeling of a foam mattress, memory foam is a great option for you. Keep in mind that these mattresses are made differently and may include different materials in their construction. Choose the mattress that is right for your sleeping style and situation. We’re sure you’ll find your best new memory foam mattress in Canada on our list!