Executive editor Stacey McLachlan finds a new furniture crush in a familiar place.

I can only assume that when EQ3 set up its Vancouver store on Granville and Broadway a few years back, it was done with the explicit intention of capturing the attention of me personally (you know the old saying “Location, location, location, especially when it’s near Stacey.”). It was right down the street from the former Western Living office, and is currently conveniently en route to my home—so for the past three years I basically have not been able to go anywhere without passing that store, and the amount of meetings I have been late to because I pop in “just to have a quick look around” is staggering. It’s like a well decorated Venus fly trap and I am the helpless fruit fly that is compulsively shopping for a love seat.What I’m trying to say is: I’m on familiar terms with the offerings of the Canadian design shop, so when the new Fall/Winter collection dropped this week, the new pieces didn’t escape my notice. The Place Occasional table, designed by former WL Furniture Designer of the Year Shawn Place, caught my eye from across the room: the rounded glass top and cheerfully stubby oak legs give the table a welcoming warmth. It’s a design that pairs craftsmanship with humble simplicity, one that feels light, airy and solid all at the same time. Overall, a piece worth paying a visit to…maybe I’ll just pop by later to say hi.The Place Occasional table, $499, eq3.com