Your Classic Chair March Madness winner revealed!

Over the last month or so, we’ve been reinterpreting March Madness into something we can get behind: a bracket challenge to determine, once and for all, the most iconic chair of all time. (We’ve also reinterpreted “March,” as this competition has now run into May. Oops.)So! After four head-to-head rounds and reader votes and comments, who emerged as the one true champion?eames-lounger

Your 2016 Classic Chair Challenge Winner: The Eames Lounger

It’s no surprise that the Eames Lounger took the crown. We see it pop up in almost every issue of the magazine. It’s unfussy but refined, casual yet elegant, and designed to withstand trends.falken reynolds condoThough it's a modernist icon, the Lounger looks just as at home in this chic ranch, designed by Elena Del Bucchia. (Photo: Martin Tessler.)Burgers 278Johnson McLeod Pender Island CabinSo there you have it: democracy has decided that the Eames Lounger shall be the throne that rules (for now!). But the conversation doesn’t have to stop here: Do you think the Lounger deserves this win? Did the voters get it wrong? Tell us how you really feel in the comments below! Or see how the whole Classic Chair Challenge played out here, round by round. Thanks for sticking with us! 

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