Sweet Dreams

Vancouver sustainable homeware brand Takasa launched in March of last year (little did they know how much we€™d need their cozy comforts). All of their products€”like this cotton duvet cover (from $239)€”are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified and totally luxurious. takasa.co

Fold In

Origami isn€™t easy, but the end result sure looks effortless. So It's fitting that the Origami vase (from $125) went through several (failed) iterations before achieving the final, delicate design that imitates two pieces of paper folded toward each other. informinteriors.com

Hip Rotation

Say bye to your battle with clutter€”the Giralot mini storage system ($2,180) is just about the cutest space-saver out there. The slender compartments rotate 180 degrees to reveal your belongings, and the larger office version has a slide-out desk surface, too. resourcefurniture.com

Wood Work

The Espave executive desk ($10,000) has a presence almost as majestic as its history€”the piece is crafted from an ethically harvested tree sourced from a freshwater lake in
Panama. reduxwest.com

Towel Time

Switching up your linen is an affordable way to give your space a whole new look, and these printed tea towels ($19) from Badger and Burke are perfectly playful. They€™re designed in Vancouver and printed in India: 100-percent cotton and 100-percent adorable.

Bath Bomb

How long is too long to stay in the bath? The Onyx freestanding bathtub ($6,525) has a built-in storage add-on for your soap, towel, snacks, drinks€”so soak till you've raisin-y. savemoreplumbing.com

Shape Shifter

Rain is fine when you've indoors. Woven from wool from New Zealand and India, the Raining Circle rug (from $358) is made in a simple, subtle geometric pattern that looks at home in any space. shop.vanspecial.com

Your Turn

The aptly named Big Big swivel armchair (from $4,658) from Norr11 will easily become the most fought-over chair in your household. It's a reinterpretation of the classic Art Deco lounge chair and is made of four voluminous, fully upholstered shapes. spencerinteriors.com

Editor’s Pick

Boostani's sisal baskets
From $69, boostani.com

I moved house last summer, and I'm still putting the finishing touches on my new digs. Thanks to the countless chats I€™ve had with local designers (job perk!) I know that incorporating lots of textures is a great way to make a space feel more comfortable€”and comfort is certainly top of mind right now. Vancouver-based Boostani (that's Swahili for garden) sells these sisal baskets in all sizes, to hold anything from office supplies to
groceries to laundry. Some are woven locally and some are handmade by artisans in Kenya, but all are full of the tactile warmth I'm craving in these difficult times.€”Alyssa Hirose, assistant editor.