Not all sofas are created equal.

Much like clothing, when it comes to a great piece of furniture, looks can be deceiving. At first glance, a stylish piece might be able to hide its poorer craftsmanship and materials, but on closer inspection€”and certainly, as time goes by€”these money-saving elements will ultimately mean you have to shell out for a new one sooner than you thought. Follow this advice from the experts at Ginger Jar Furniture and you’ll be able to love your new home furnishings for years to come.

1. What are the latest designs?

Investing in a well-designed piece constructed with high-quality materials is a good idea for many reasons, but ultimately, the goal is to have a gorgeous and comfortable piece of furniture that ties your home decor together. The curated collection at Ginger Jar Furniture offers timeless and stylish pieces with elements of the latest technology and design, making for a marriage of aesthetic sensibility and comfort.

2. Can it be customized?

Being able to configure elements of a piece of furniture to suit your needs isn€™t a luxury afforded to those who buy furniture from your run of the mill brick and mortar or online store. Design Consultants on hand at Ginger Jar Furniture are there to assist you with furniture selection and configuration, as well as layouts and space planning for your home. Using the latest apps and technology, you can visualize how pieces will fit in your home, as well as what they will look like with the options you choose.

3. Who made this piece?

While other furniture purveyors might try to tell you about where their pieces were designed, the purchasers at Ginger Jar have spent years cultivating relationships with their European and American manufacturers. They visit the factories where their goods are being designed and produced in order to learn more about the individuals behind every piece they sell. Their commitment to supporting quality designers, tradespeople and their businesses is yet another way this local company honours the art of design and manufacturing.

4. What does this piece really cost?

While so called €œfast fashion€ (inexpensive pieces that are bound for the landfill in no time) might have a smaller price tag up front, they cost more in the long run. Choosing a higher quality piece, made with sustainably sourced materials is the best way to ensure you get the most out of your investment, and offers you piece of mind knowing you’re making a better decision for the environment. When you break it down, year over year, the length of time your piece will last means it actually costs less than the fast fashion equivalent.To pick the perfect piece of furniture, or to begin working with a Ginger Jar Furniture Design Consultant, visit their North Shore showroom today. Specializing in contemporary indoor-and-outdoor furnishings since 1979, Ginger Jar’s 20,000-square-foot showroom is the Lower Mainland’s largest. And don’t forget to check out OMG It’s small at 1400 Marine Drive in North Vancouver for contemporary furniture designed to fit small spaces.