Front-loaders may have met their match.

The front-loading washer, like the stainless steel refrigerator, won consumers’ hearts once a home model was introduced. (I can’t think of a home we’ve featured in the last few years that hasn’t had one.) The seal that prevented water from leaking out also made for a highly efficient load of laundry, with less water and energy used per load.But front-loaders aren’t perfect—bending over to haul out wet laundry isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time, and even that water seal had its downside: earlier models had a problem with mould growing in the drum because it couldn’t properly dry out between loads.Thanks to a re-think on the original design, top-loaders are surging back—and outpacing front-loaders. I was recently at GE Monogram’s Design Centre in Toronto and got a look at their new take on the top-loading machine. The GE Designer Line Laundry has a retro modern look to the design—right down to the control knob on the face, replacing some digital interfaces we’ve seen lately—but the tech is all modern. The centre post is gone from the agitator, making it easier on the clothes, and water recirculates during the wash cycle—using less water while ensuring everything gets good and wet. Plus, the smoke glass doors are just plain good-looking.GE Designer Line Washer and Dryer, from $949, available at Sears, Home Depot and Best Buy across the West.GE Design Line Laundry