The store-within-a-store gets a fresh new look.

Sandy’s Furniture recently unveiled the renovation of its Natuzzi showroom. Sandy’s has carried the Italian-made, family-owned brand for over 35 years, and moved Natuzzi from a gallery showcase to a dedicated 10,000-square-foot store-within-a-store€”the only one of this kind in BC€”five years ago.Thanks to the update to the Natuzzi space, Sandy’s was able to add another ten vignettes to their showroom for a total of 40 groupings from the Italian furniture designer, making it the largest Natuzzi display in Canada.Sandy’s General Manager, Dayna Tukutau, notes, €œWe display the majority of Natuzzi’s new items on the floor, keep the perennial bestsellers on display, and we can order anything from the line that’s not on our showroom floor.€In keeping with Natuzzi’s recent mandate to ensure aesthetic and price consistency across the locations that carry their products, the space has been reconfigured €œ to allow us the flexibility to change and update models more often,€ says Tukutau.Lighter-coloured, lit walls provide a neutral backdrop that lets the line shine. €œOne of the most exiting changes,€ adds Tukutau, €œis the addition of Natuzzi’s gorgeous images of Apulia, the region in Southern Italy where the line is produced and from which its designers derive their inspiration.€For many, the Natuzzi name evokes luxury Italian-leather sofas, but the brand has expanded to manufacture everything from dining and coffee tables, to dressers and nightstands, to media and office pieces, and more.€œThey now make all any home could need, including condo-sized pieces,€ says Tukutau, €œand beautiful leather beds are their newest endeavour.€All of Natuzzi’s leather is produced at their own tannery from the company’s own cows. €œBecause Natuzzi has such control over this process,€ explains Tukutau, €œthe leather is unmatchable in quality.€The line’s three product ranges, high, medium, and low, are each made with the same careful attention, €œso customers can count on the same Natuzzi quality, regardless of their budget,€ says Tukutau.Sandy’s in-house dedicated Natuzzi expert uses design programs to show customers how to add the brand’s pieces to their homes.Beyond the Natuzzi gallery, there are another 30 furniture lines over 80,000 square feet at Sandy’s Furniture, and Sandy’s knowledgeable staff members, who have more than 100 years combined experience, are always on hand to guide their customers towards beautiful pieces that suit their taste and budget.