Whether you are looking for those finishing touch items for your new home, getting started on a home makeover, or just looking for a few pieces to refresh your space, INspiration is here to help. The Vancouver-based contemporary furniture specialist has something for every space, bringing fresh, modern aesthetic to each room in the house. But that is only the beginning.

INspiration Furniture is now offering added services to offer clientele a robust and complete experience. €œAs a large furniture retailer, we have always been proud of our large selection of unique and exciting products,€ says owner Steen Skaaning. €œFor instance, our large stock levels for immediate delivery and our white glove in-house delivery service€”no curbside drop-offs from us!€

Now, INspiration Furniture is expanding its interior design service to offer interior design expertise at its Vancouver and Coquitlam locations.

Credit: Inspiration Furniture

€œThe idea is to offer better home environment solutions that really reflect the taste and lifestyle of the individual customer,€ says lead designer Lily Tang. €œGetting a new sofa or dining table is one thing but creating a unique living environment is a lot more rewarding for our customers.€

Tang says good design realizes the potential of any space. €œAs a designer, I have a strong understanding of how interiors come together, from the architecture of a space to the furniture and soft furnishings that fill it,€ she says. €œColour palette, material choice and finishes are all equally important€”each element is essential to creating one cohesive look that is both resolved and innovative.€

She has an immense appreciation for a range of design periods and styles. €œFor me, spaces truly work when balance is created through contrast and tells a story about the people who inhabit them,€ she says.

Born in Beijing and raised in Shanghai, she holds two design degrees and feels fortunate to have worked with some exceptional clients on projects that span from residential interior design and refurbishments to customs procurement and commercial applications.

€œAs an interior designer, I design ultimately for my clients,€ Tang says. €œThis flexibility, along with an ever-changing industry, imbues me with an innate sense of creative freedom. Today, contemporary design has to encompass several key factors: social lifestyle, financials and importantly, environmental points of view. All of these needs must be addressed by client and designer, together.€

Suzy Huang, interior designer, believes in the power of beautiful interiors to transform daily life. She moved to Vancouver in 2011, where she embraced her adventurous spirit. She earned a Diploma in Interior Design from BCIT and has a Business Bachelor’s Degree from Tunghai University.

€œMy mission is to assist both residential and commercial clients in creating timeless spaces€”whether transitional or contemporary€”across a vast range of styles,€ Huang says. €œI take each project very personally, balancing colours, textures, and lighting to create a space that reflects my clients€™ personalities and suits their design needs and lifestyle.€

Farnaz Haidari is an interior designer at the Coquitlam store. She is an innovative designer who believes your home is your 3D vision board. Haidari moved to Vancouver in 2003, where she embraced diversity and inclusivity of cultures and earned a certificate in residential interior design from BCIT.

€œI enjoy assisting clients in creating spaces where they can manifest an abundance and flow of energy into their home,€ she says. €œI have my personal style€”mid-century meets bohemian chic€”but I have worked across a vast range of styles. I value integrity and being kind to one another, and I offer those to every client.€

INspiration Furniture’s interior designers offer personalized service that guides customers through the entire process, beginning with the initial in-person or virtual consultation, which helps the team get to know the customer’s style, lifestyle considerations, and project overview.

€œAfter creating a floor plan, we together create a space that works for you and functions the way it needs to for your lifestyle,€ says Tang. €œOur designers will then select furniture and accessories that match your lifestyle and budget. They will then present you with all the item, textile and colour options that are best suited to you.€

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