Warm up this fall with our top fireplace picks that are sure to fit your personal style.

WL0913.fireplaces-traditionalIt’s that time of year again—we’re easing ourselves from hot summer days into cozy autumn nights. Set yourself up for a toasty evening with one of these fireplace sets, whatever your personal style.


DELUXE HALOGEN QUARTZ GASEBO/PERGOLA HEATER | ($199)by Paramount, homedepot.caSHELBURNE WOOD STOVE | in Basil ($3,545)by HearthStone hearthstonestoves.comHEARTH TOOLSET | in a vintage iron finish ($244)by Pilgrim, pilgrimhearth.comWL0913.fireplaces-modern


GLASGLOW THROW | in alpaca and wool ($155)by Linen Way, linenway.comBLOETHANOL-FUELLED VERTIGO FIREPLACE | ($5,825)by Safretti, safretti.comFIREBOWL HEMI 36 | with natural gas or propane burner (from $5,200)by Solus, solusdecor.comWL0913.Fireplaces-Transitional


MUSKOKA FIREPLACE SCREEN | with satin-nickel finish ($129)by Home Depot, homedepot.caOUTDOOR LAVA HEATER | with stainless steel & propane heater ($1,400)by Lava Heat Italia, lavaheat.comREGENCY FIREPLACE | built-in gas fireplace with ceramic log set ($2,548)by Regency, regency-fire.com