Another two iconic chairs go head-to-head in the next round of our March Madness Classic Chair bracket.

Round 2 of our first annual March Madness Classic Chairs competition continues with another pair of dramatic head-to-head contenders: the Eames Lounger chair versus the Wassily chair.As with previous Round 2 matches, we’ve touched base with two all-star designers to vouch for their chair of choice, but it’s up to our readers to tell us which design is the real winner. Vote in the comments below, or let us know on Twitter or Facebook to let us know which of these iconic chairs should make it to the semi-finals. wassily-chair

Up First: The Breuer Wassily Chair

as defended by Jamie Banfield, Jamie Banfield DesignThis chair has a compact footprint which is simple in design. Just like a bicycle, this chair is ergonomically correct and fits all shapes and sizes.” 

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The Challenger: Eames Lounger

as defended by Elena del Bucchia, Elena del Bucchia Design

“The Eames Lounger is like a chameleon that can fit into any style of a space due to its classic recognition, versus the Breuer Wassily chair, which is typically associated with more minimal or industrial environments. But the true difference lies in their application: Eames Lounger is known for its comfort and meant for relaxation, while the Breuer Wassily Chair is more of an upright sitting, reception chair.”

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