Father’s Day is right around the corner. This year we’ve ditched the typical gimmicks and curated a diverse selection of gift ideas for every kind of dad to enjoy. Whether he’s a beer enthusiast, a golfer, a BBQ master, or someone who enjoys a bit of self-care, we’ve got you covered.

1. The BC Craft Brewery Passport

Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. Your dad can explore the province through the world of beers this summer with this BC Craft Brewery Passport ($26.50) from Everything Ahnika. It lists over 200 breweries from across BC with columns to rate and review each one. It’s like a little beer diary! everythingahnika.com

2. A High-Quality Golf Shirt

For the athletic dads, anything golf-related will surely be a hole-in-one, and the Tech Polo from Kit and Ace ($125) is no exception. It’s got all the parts of the classic short-sleeve golf polo that we know and love, with the added luxuries of high-quality fabric and vents on the sides for breathability. Long summer days at the course just got a whole lot more comfy. kitandace.com

3. Skin Moisturizer

Because fathers need glowy skin too. Based in Vancouver, Reyal specializes in skincare for men with high quality and sustainable ingredients. The One-For-All Performance Moisturizer ($32) is a lightweight formula which packs in anti-aging electrolytes, ceramides, and antioxidants, leaving Dad’s skin as strong and plump as ever. reyalperformance.com

4. BBQ Multi-Tool

The BBQ Multi-Tool ($64) from Front and Company is an absolutely iconic gift for the grill-master fathers. Need to flip a burger? Sure thing, there’s a spatula. Need to spear a sausage? Use the fork. Gotta brush on some sauce? Pull out the basting brush. The bottle of red needs uncorking? There’s a corkscrew. It’s got it all. frontandcompany.ca

5. Silver Chain Bracelet

This Round Box Chain Bracelet designed by Quiet Icon ($95) and sold at Blue Ruby is effortlessly timeless, perfectly subtle and stackable, making it a perfect go-to accessory for every dad. blueruby.com

6. Decorative Mugs

Made in Vancouver, the Soda Fired Hand Built Pattern Mug ($50 each) from Dahlhaus are perfect for Dad’s morning coffee or tea, and doubles as beautiful art pieces for your kitchen. dahlhausart.com

7. A Foot Massage

Need we say more? Let the fathers in your life experience top-tier relaxation with a Footworks foot massage ($63). It will be life-changing. footworksrelaxology.com

8. A Cooking Apron

Get Dad cooking in style this year with the Hale Apron ($74.95) from Old Faithful. It’s made with natural linen and cotton, so he will feel great while he looks great. The side pocket is a perfect detail for keeping kitchen utensils accessible at all times. oldfaithfulshop.com