I’ve been on the hunt for a truly non-stick pan for what seems like all my 30 years of life. Sure, I wasn’t stove-topping it at straight out the womb, but time seems to last longer when you’re de-sticking eggs and long-soaking crud off your pan. As someone who lives by the creed “a clean kitchen is a clean home,” this has been my biggest cookware gripe, so, when Kilne sent me their new non-stick Everything pan to test out, my interest was piqued.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been scorned before. I’ve cursed (and begrudgingly continued to use) pan after pan that ruin my perfectly fluffy pancakes (unacceptable on a Saturday morning!). So, you can say I was dubious of Kilne’s claims that their pan is superior-level non-stick. But they were right and I was wrong: the pan truly is everything.

My first foray into Kilne-frying my daily eggs was a shocking display of stick-free success. Not a single scraggly piece of egg was left on. My next go-around, I upped the ante and didn’t even use oil. Yes, you read that correctly: I am a courageous risk-taker. Again, not one piece of egg stuck, and a beautiful breakfast was achieved for a second day in a row. Will I stop using oil? No, but knowing I don’t need it is pretty great because I often forget to buy a new bottle when I run out.

Kilne's New Everything Pan in Sage Green
Credit: Kilne

My next challenge for the Kilne was searing off chicken thighs. Most non-stick pans end up leaving a very blonde sear. Which tastes alright but, looks, well, bleh. But, because the Everything pan is oven-safe (up to 400C without the lid and 250C with the lid), I was able to achieve an even, golden sear and then let those babies render in the oven. The lid is designed with “self-basting dots” which apparently return the moisture back to the food that’s cooking. All I can say to that is that there was a very steamy reveal (a.k.a be careful, the steam was very hot), and who doesn’t love dinner and a show?

The non-stickiness of the Everything pan helps out not just when cooking, but cleaning it takes all of one minute. Which really could be shorter but I feel the need to run hot water over it more thanks to my lifelong conditioning from the horrible pans I used in the past. Whatever is left in the pan suds off with ease and leaves my sage-green pan lookin’ fresh and new.

Oh, yes, I did say sage. The colourways are chic and come in sage, peppercorn (black) and meringue (cream)—but the sage is a clear winner to me. The price point is a pretty clear winner too: at $140, it feels like a bargain compared to the pans that I’ve purchased (and was betrayed by) before.

Everything Pan Open
Credit: Kilne

On top of all the practical day-to-day reasons why the Everything pan is my new favourite piece of  cookware, it’s also non-toxic: meaning the non-stick coating is free from PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid, a surfactant banned in Canada), PTRE (a fluorinated plastic), nickel and other heavy metal components. I might not know all the science behind what makes something toxic or not, but, if I’m cooking off it, I’m going to go ahead and put it out there that my preference is without poison.

From now on I’ll be cooking everything I can in my Everything pan (next up: date-night risotto), and if you want to jump on this Kilne train with me, you can purchase yours via their website.