Tossing, turning and counting sheep might help you get that super-restful, deep sleep—but if you’re looking for some help in the REM-department, essential oils can help. Many makers in Western Canada craft oils specifically made to help with sleep. (And it helps that modern diffusers are so beautiful, they fall squarely into the home decor category.) Hmm, smell that? It’s the smell of a good night’s sleep. Or is it just lavender?

Saje Natural Wellness knows best. Spray, sleep, repeat.

1. Sleep Well Restful Sleep Mist from Saje

A spritz of this sleep mist ($24) on your pillow will have you relaxed in no time. Go to sleep with chamomile, lavender and valerian root and your sweet dreams will probably include you running around a meadow somewhere. Plus, there’s no need to buy a diffuser.

Vitruvi takes you for a swim.

2. Pacific Essential Oil Blend from Vitruvi

Craving that crisp beachy air from your last tropical vacation? You can’t bring the ocean back home with you, but you can recreating the smell with this oil blend ($30) combining lavender, amyris, bergamot, basil and eucalyptus. Repeat after me for the full experience: “Hey Siri, play ocean sounds.”

No diffuser needed for Vellum Wellness.

3. Deep Sleep Kit from Vellum Wellness

This oil kit ($46) is perfect if you are looking to get a little more tactile with your night routine. Mix the almond oil base with the lavender and apply it to your collarbones or your pillow, whatever works best for you.

Fern & Petal. Who knew cedarwood would become a key ingredient in your night routine?

4. Sweet Dreams Essential Oil Blend from Fern and Petal

This Sweet Dreams blend ($11) includes vetiver, cedarwood, and of course lavender. Vetiver not only smells like a walk in the woods, it’s also known for its stress-relief qualities and helps circulation, nerve problems and even stomach pain. 5-10 drops will help you drift off.


Bursera takes practicality to a whole new level

5. Calm Diffuser Kit from Bursera

This oil ($38) comes with its own diffuser, making your life easier from the start. Practicality defines it, as you don’t even need to add water to enjoy it, and better yet, you don’t need to connect it to power. It’s also tiny, so if you’re one of those people that tends to store everything on your nightstand, it’s a godsend. This blend combines orange, cedar, ylang ylang, and (you guessed it) lavender.

Pure Joy Naturals has your back tonight

6. Natural Sleep Synergy Blend from Pure Joy Naturals

While using a diffuser is the norm for essential oils, you can also apply a few drops to your pillow and you’ll be asleep in no time. 2-3 drops of this clary sage, lavender and sweet orange blend ($14) should do the trick.

Spirit of the Boreal Botanicals

7. Sleepy Time Pure Essential Oil Blend from Spirit of the Boreal Botanicals

Frankincense combined with lavender, cedarwood and valerian root might just be Sleeping Beauty’s best hack. This blend (from $11) should have you well-rested for that 8am meeting.

Carry on and roll-on.
The Apothecary.

8. Sleep Aromatic Roll On from The Apothecary

If you’ve ever wished you could bring your diffuser to go, this is for you: the holy trinity of sleep (clary Sage, lavender, and blue tansy) fits perfectly in your pocket. You can use this roll-on ($19) before bed and dream of how being well-rested could become your new personality trait.