An empty sheet means endless possibilities and creative freedom.

For a painter, there’s nothing more coveted than a blank canvas. An empty sheet means endless possibilities and creative freedom. For designers at California Closets, their blank canvas is a blank wall. Professionals like Emma Beaty love taking a bare wall space and transforming it into a functional storage solution with a stunning look that would suit a show home.


Consider one of the Vancouver designer’s recent projects. Her client was downsizing from a 5,800-square-foot home to a 2,000-square-foot condo. While navigating how to live in a much smaller space, the client wanted a wall of storage that could incorporate and accentuate a beautiful black lacquer armoire that was a family heirloom.


“Coming from a large home, she really needed to maximize storage in every room,€ Beaty says. “Her practical side wanted somewhere to store her designer handbags out of sight, while her stylish side wanted something beautiful to look at in her bedroom.€


Beaty designed a wall unit with staggered-box concept, a collection of floating black and white cabinets€”that don’t look like cabinets. Touch-release doors mean no hardware or handles, and one of the cabinets is larger than the others, providing more storage and a larger surface for a black glass door with an etched paisley pattern. The unit also has a floating dresser. The entire piece hardly resembles a place to tuck away personal items.


“It looks like a piece of art on the wall,€ Beaty says. “She has an artistic flare, and this really suits her style.”


“You€™d be surprised how much she can tuck away in this unit, but it doesn’t look like it was designed for storage,€ Beaty adds. “It looks like it was designed for aesthetics.€ The floating design also creates the illusion of a much larger space.


To complement that striking wall unit, Beaty also designed additional cabinets for either side of the bed to match. They add even more sleek storage, help tie the room together, and contribute to harmony throughout the entire condo: Beaty has designed storage and organization solutions for every single room in the client’s new home.


“Creating storage is so more exciting than people might think,€ Beaty says. “When downsizing, people find it very difficult to visualize how their lives will fit into their newer, smaller spaces. We have the tools and skills to show people how they can add storage in a beautiful way.€

“It could be something as simple as adding a custom bookshelf that surrounds their couch, or designing a sleek floating media centre or an efficient home office,€ she says. “We learn what their personal style is and turn blank walls into multifunctional masterpieces.€


California Closets€™ Vancouver design consultants meet with clients at their residence€”whether it’s a condo or a craftsman home€”for an in-depth assessment and collaborate with interior designers, developers, tradespeople, and clients. Keeping people’s aesthetic and budget top of mind, they use a 3D CAD program so that they can show people what different concepts will look like in scale-accurate renderings.


They€™ve been creating personalized, customized organization systems tailored to individuals€™ unique needs and tastes since 1999.


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