Mother’s Day is on May 14, 2023. Ahead of the Mother of All Days, our editors have put together a gift guide for the best non-generic, non-boring and hopefully not-to-be-returned-nor-exchanged Mother’s Day gifts. Read on for 4 excellent presents for Mom.

What to Get for Mother’s Day 2023

Ikea simrishamn table lamp

A Curvy Table Lamp

I’ve recently assigned myself the task of revamping my parents’ bedroom (when your work constantly subjects you to beautiful modern design, you start developing an allergy to yellow-toned knotty pine). So I’ve been on the lookout for some new furnishings for Mom—and Dad, I guess, he lives there too. Ikea’s Simrishamn table lamp ($57) is just the vibe I’m going for: fresh and fun and unique. The perfect Mother’s Day table lamp for cozying in and having sweet dreams of how successful and beautiful your eldest daughter is.—Alyssa Hirose, associate editor



Indoor/Outdoor Ambiance

Growing up, my mother was never a “candle person” and burning them was heavily discouraged, due to fire being fire. But in the passing years, my mother has really come around to them and has upped her candle-burning game considerably. She’s also got a beautiful little back deck that she’s been slowly building into her own personal outdoor oasis. With these Mid-Century Café wood lanterns (from $50) from West Elm, she can bring some glowing ambiance both indoors (they seem very knock-over-proof, something I’m sure my mom in particular would appreciate) or outdoors as she sips her favourite lime margarita under the stars.—Kerri Donaldson, assistant editor

1000-piece Tiger Queen puzzle

A Gorgeous Puzzle to Obsess Over

I know jigsaws were really having a pandemic moment two years ago, but for any puzz-head moms out there, puzzles were never a flash in the pan: they were (and are) a lifestyle. My mom can really only open a puzzle if she’s cleared her schedule for a few days because she gets puzzle-tunnel vision. I remember many a night as a child, begging to go to bed, please, as she insisted on “just one more piece.” So this 1000-piece Tiger Queen puzzle ($44) from boutique, small-batch puzzle brand Fits will make the perfect indulgence for a woman who deserves a few days to disconnect from the world. (Especially because I can put myself to bed now, thanks.) —Stacey McLachlan, editor at large

lululemon pants

The Coziest of Lounge Pants

My mom is turning 80 this year, but she’s one of the most active octogenarians I know—particularly come spring, when her massive garden is a daily obsession. It’s a sight to behold: she hauls dirt in the wheelbarrow, transplants giant hostas and hacks down evergreens like she’s a 24-year-old landscaper. But there’s nothing she likes better than to crash into her La-Z-Boy at the end of the day with a little 90-Day Fiancé and an extra-cozy outfit, which is where these excellent Softstreme High Rise lounge pants from Lululemon ($138) come in. I’m headed back east to visit come June, so I’ll be packing a pair myself—because there’s also nothing she likes better than to rope me in for a little heavy lifting session, garden-style. —Anicka Quin, editorial director