Stop by Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre before December 31 to save on style and luxury for your home.

Many homeowners like to take advantage of the cooler fall season to update their homes before the holiday season. And what better way to add some style, luxury, and function to your home than with Robinson’s Fall Flyer special prices, where you can save on premium lighting and plumbing fixtures for your home? With expert tips and advice, as well as savings on more than one hundred products, including faucets, pendants, sinks, and more, you can make Robinson Lighting & Bath Centre your one-stop-shop for the key pieces you need to create a stunning home this fall.Menlo Park Chandelier, Artcraft REG $559, NOW $399Menlo Park Chandelier, Artcraft REG $559, NOW $399

Highlight Your Style

Lighting does more than simply illuminate a room; good lighting also highlights the design of a room, accenting it and pulling it all together. When you have a central gathering place, such as a kitchen or dining room table, use a light that can cement this area as the focal point of the room. For example, the Menlo Park Chandelier from Artcraft draws the eye not only to the table, but also to the sense of home, comfort, and the peace that you’ll find there. The result is a perfectly curated space that ties together the room’s size, style, and function into one complete package.Dazed 12-Light Pendant, ET2 REG $1,133, NOW $849

Celebrate with Luxury

The spa-style bathroom is what everyone wants for their home these days. It’s the ultimate way to relax, pamper yourself, and unwind at the end of the day. A true spa bathroom goes beyond function to include those little visual cues that let you know you’re being surrounded by luxury, opulence, and a space designed just for your use. Introduce at least one or two truly luxurious touches into the design, such as the Dazed 12-Light Pendant from Maxim Lighting. This single light fixture elevates everything in the room to a level of grandeur that will have you relaxing in no time.robinsoncontestnov16_700x175_heatherrobinson_001Brinley Mason Jar 6-Light Pendant, Kichler REG $353, NOW $269

Introduce Some Whimsy into Your Design

Every good design has at least one slightly off-beat feature, that one piece that not only brings everything together, but lets you know this is a space to be used and lived in as well. Adding a single touch of whimsy to a room often makes the whole design pop, bringing other elements into sharper focus. The Brinley Mason Jar 6-Light Pendant from Kichler does just that. The playfulness of the mason jars brings this Country kitchen to life, while providing plenty of much needed task lighting at the same time.robinson_004Timeless Thermostatic Dual Function Shower Kit, GROHE
REG $1,062, NOW $799

Customize Your Experience

Most people have preferences for how they like their showers, including how they should feel. You likely have a preferred temperature, volume of water, and even showerhead; what if you could be more precise with these attributes, getting pinpoint control over the exact temperature and volume of your water? With the Timeless Thermostatic Dual Function Shower Kit from GROHE, you can. Thermostatic showers allow you to set your temperature and volume separately, as well as giving you the option of fixed showerheads or hand showers for a more personal experience. Now even the most ordinary shower can feel more like a day at the spa.robinsoncontestnov16_700x175_maryjanerobinson_005Puravida 110 Lavatory Faucet, Hansgrohe REG $712, NOW $539

Treat Your Senses

Sinks and faucets may be a necessity in your daily life, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy them as well. Taps like the Puravida 110 Lavatory Faucet from Hansgrohe do more than simply facilitate the flow of water; they also treat your eyes, hands, and ears to a luxurious experience by changing the way you expect a faucet to work. The toggle-style handle and sleek, flat spout are a source of delight for anyone washing their hands, turning an everyday occurrence into something out of the ordinary.