Illuminate your style€”and interiors€”with these lighting sources that come sans shades.

Bright Idea

We love the unique contemporary bulb style of Studio Natural’s Delux table lamp (price on request), which comes in your choice of three lacquered aluminum finishes.

Gallery Glow

Whether on or off, the Revolve LED table lamp ($325) is a striking addition to any room.

Desert Oasis

Bring some desert heat to your space even on the chilliest of days with the Cacti Glow brass table lamp ($449).

Lighter Than Air

Inspired by the grace of hot-air balloons, the Aerostat F27 table lamp (from $735) rests as though weightless on its wire frame.

Lunar Phase

Rotate the reflector disc on the dual-purpose OFS Moon lamp ($160) to provide a direct light source or a gently diffused glow.

Luxe Light

The Soffio lamp from Foscarini ($1,419) was devised with an intuitive touch system, allowing you to adjust its intensity with a single tap.