Lighting gets geometric and deconstructed with shape-shifting, linear beauty.


The e15 Colour floor lamp ($2,760) is minimalist yet theatrical, architectural yet atmospheric—a luminescent creation by Norwegian designers that melds sculpture and light with paired slabs of pink and blue glass.

Grid Game

Diamond-shaped cells make up the surface tex-ture of the glowing sphere on Louis Poulsen’s Patera pendant ($1,995), inspired by the mathematical Fibonacci formula and named Lamp of the Year in the 2016 Danish Design Awards.

Nice Curves

The Slamp Aria lamp ($2,835), designed by the late, great architect Zaha Hadid, is a dynamic and voluminous creation, much like her renowned buildings.

Circuit Board

Curving and intersecting, the chrome-and-brass Corrine pendant by Nuevo Living ($725) is a high-wire act for the ceiling.

Bare Element

The classic look of the old-school light bulb regroups in this Edison pendant ($450).

Nuts and Bolts

Seemingly made from a mass of lightning bolts, the Zeus pendant lamp ($255) is a metallic crown for any room.

Designer’s Pick: Mitchell Freedland

“The Holtkötter floor lamp ($899) works with any vibe and comes in a variety of metal finishes to suit any palette.”; available at

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