Shape up your interior design with one of these fixtures from Norburn Lighting and Bath

What better time than the back-to-school season for a little mathematics refresher? The law of probability states that one of these fun geometric lighting fixtures from Norburn Lighting and Bath€”equal parts stylish and practical€”will add a stunning new focal point to your favourite room.

The Horgen 1-Light Pendant, a cool wooden design, combines a cylindrical shape with a crisscrossed diamond texture making its geometric claims two-fold.

This pendant fixture can be compressed or extended to suit a variety of spaces, from a long dining room table to a small kitchen island. Available in satin nickel and white, the adaptable Xterna Linear proves that diamonds really do go with everything.

A €œGalaxy Bronze€ finish perfectly suits this orb-like pendant. Candle inspired bulbs light up the artistic Savoy piece that can stand alone for a simple look, or hold its own amongst more detailed décor.

Circular frames filled with layers of steel fibres make these large statement fixtures extra futuristic. Light shines from an LED module that lines each interior, creating a cool textured shadow on surrounding walls.

An optical illusion in its own right, the rubix cube vibe of the Halston 4-Light Pendant is sure to fascinate€”and maintain relevance€”just like the timeless game.